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How to Calculate Attrition in Call Center

Irrespective of the industry, manpower attrition is one of the biggest challenges. Especially in BPO or Call Center where manpower plays a pivotal role in operations and revenue generation. Controlling attrition not only reduces your cost to hire and coach new manpower but also improves productivity of the organization .


Attrition in Call Center
Attrition in Call Center

Hence addressing attrition becomes one of the core responsibility of every call center for a sustained operational excellence. Although, there are different methods to calculate the attrition rate in different industries. However in this blog today we will focus on How to Calculate Attrition in a Call Center?

Post understanding the calculation, we will also discuss some  common attrition reasons and at the end of the blog also review the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions ) about Attrition .

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Now, before focusing the main topic “Calculate Attrition in Call Center”, let’s first understand what is Attrition in Call Center?

Attrition in Call Center?

Attrition term in any organization is generally used  when an employee in the company leaves the organization due any of the reasons which include , resignation , termination or retirement. In other words, we can define attrition as :

“The process in which employee leaves the organization voluntarily or in-voluntarily”.

In Call Center or BPO “Attrition” term is especially used for call center agents.

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Now let’s discuss some common reasons of attrition in Call Center.

Attrition Reason in Call Center

Attrition can be caterozied under 2 categories:

  1. Voluntary
  2. In-Voluntary

For a detailed article on Types of attrition . Please refer to the link  Types of Attrition

To cut this article short we have categorized reasons of attrition under 3 categories:

1. Termination – Cases which includes termination of employee due to any fraudulent , behavior or performance issues
2. Resignation – When an employee voluntarily resigns the company.
3. Retirement—When an employee completes his/ her tenure in the company till the age of retirement.

By the way In India the retirement age is 58 to 60.

Now the big question is “how to calculate Attrition in Call center?”

How to Calculate Attrition in Call Center

Calculate attrition in call center
Calculate attrition in call center

Although, there are different ways to calculate the attrition that varies as per the industry but in call center the most common formula to calculate attrition rate in a specific period of time is below :

“No of People left / (opening HC + Closing HC)/2 *100”

Before exemplifying the calculation with a real time scenario, let’s first understand the legends used in this calculation:

1. Number of people left : People left the organization in a specific period by any means i.e voluntary resign, terminated
2. Opening Headcount: Headcount at the start of the month
3. Closing Headcount : Headcount at the end of the month.

Now let’s understand the calculation with a simple example :

In a team there are 20 agents at month start and by the month end 5 people attired due to various reasons. Now to calculate the attrition for that month we can put these numbers in to the formula mentioned above:
5 / ( 20+15)/2 = 0.286
To change the output to % (attrition rate) we multiply the output to 100 i.e.
0.286 *100 =28.57%.

So the attrition rate for the team is 28.57%.

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I hope this calculation is pretty straightforward, still if you have any doubts you can mention in that comment box .


In Conclusion , controlling and addressing Attrition in any industry is very important to achieve the operational excellence  but for that you must now how to “Calculation Attrition in Call Center”. Although It’s not only about numbers but understanding you employee satisfaction and heartbeat of you employees.

By knowing the attrition rate for the month of specific period  a call center manager can pre plan the replacements and foster a more stable and motivated team”.

Now, its time to pick some FAQs about Calculation Attrition in Call Center:


FAQs Calculate Attrition in Call Center
FAQs Calculate Attrition in Call Center


FAQ1 . What is the idle attrition rate in BPO?

Ans : The idle attrition rate in Call Center should be below 10 % (depends on the nature of the business and process).

FAQ 2: How can we reduce attrition?
Ans : Proven tips to reduce attrition:

• Focus on Employee Satisfaction
• Employee 1:1 Sessions
• RNR programs
• EWS Analysis

FAQ 3 :How do you handle attrition in BPO ?

Ans :  Proven tips to handle attrition.

• Improve Training programs and plan manpower accordingly.
• Streamline hiring process
• Show a career growth path
• Learning opportunities for Employees.


I hope this article will help you to understand ” How to Calculate Attrition in Call Center “. In case, if you still have any questions or suggestions for us, you can reach us at

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