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How to handle High Call Volume in Call Center

The Call Center is a place where tons of calls land daily. On a few occasions like festivals,  holiday sessions, new offers, promotions, or any other specific occasions the chat /call volume may rise. Managing high call volumes in a call center is a common challenge, but with the right strategies, it becomes a simple task.

How to handle high Call Volume in Call Center
How to handle high Call Volume in Call Center

Today’s blog will explore some proven tips on “How to handle high Call Volume in Call Center”.

Before jumping to the main topic, let’s first understand the term “Call Volume.”

What is call Volume in Call Center?

In call center call/chat volume is a term used to describe the number of calls queued. In simple words, we can understand the call Volume:

” The influx of incoming calls/chats in a call center”.

Now let’s discuss about the strategies by which we can handle the high call/chat volume effectively.

How to handle high Call Volume in Call Center ?

Although handling call volume depends on the nature of the business but in this article we will explore 5 major tips to handle high call volume in Call Center

1. Manpower Planning :

The primary solution to handle high call /chat volume effective is to plan manpower adequately i.e. Proper manpower planning . If required manpower ( as shared by the client) is intact than you can effectively handle the call volume. One advise while planning the manpower is to keep 10% additional buffer for all the shifts , to avoid any last time chaos in case of medical emergency or family exigency that will impact the manpower planning.

While planning manpower especially for festive seasons or instance where high call volume is expected, it is advisable to plan the agent leaves in advance and identify few experts who can come as replacement in case you have sudden manpower requirement.

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2. Focus on AHT metrics :

The other recommendation is to Focus on AHT metrics. If process AHT is under control, than agent can handle more call/chats which in result reduce the high call volume pressure and call center can deal with the high call volume effectively.

Controlling AHT metrics does not only help in catering high call volume effectively but also positively impact metrics like CSAT , NPS , CES etc. If an agent is providing “Short and Crisp” solution to a customer than obviously customer  will be satisfied that will improve process CSAT.

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One point to keep worth noting that the agents are not deliberately disconnecting calls to control AHT and handling call volume

3. Rigiruous RTM :

The other  tip to handle high call volume effectively is to monitor the RTM i.e. Real Time Monitoring rigorously. Most of the call centers have a dedicated RTM team to keep an eye on call queue and agent activities. RTM team blows the siren to keep all agents online whenever there are high calls in queue.

Monitoring RTM rigorously not only helps in handling the high Call Volume in Call Center but also helps in improving metrics like AHT, CPH, CSAT etc.

The other benefit of doing Rigiruous monitoring is to identify agents who are performing unethical activities 

4. Shift Adherence/ Break Adherece :

Shift adherence comes under basic hygiene in a call center. Means all agents should be ready to handle the calls/ chat at the rostered shift timings. As a thumb role a call center agent should be available 10 mins before the rostered shift on the workstation to attend the calls/chat  to avoid any last minute machine related chaos.

Likewise the agent should also maintain the break adherence and should back from the breaks before the allotted break time.

A leader should drive both Shift adherence/ Break adherence rigorously as both the factors significantly impact call volume and if failed to adhere can increase the abandoned rate.

5. Supervisor Log in :

A common practice , during high call volume is to make your  floor supervisors ( SMEs, Team Leader’s, Quality Auditors) log in to cater the call volume and once the volume stabilizes, sups can be removed from handling calls.

The other benefit of Supervisor login is that it helps them to know exactly which category related calls are coming from and how they can handle calls of these categories.

Sup log in exercise is very helpful to get the ground reality and should be followed once a week, irrespective of high/low call volume,

In addition to the above tips to handle the call/chat volume very delicately , a process leader should focus on below :

  • No training /Coaching during peak hours.
  • Audit Calls to identify the top call drivers.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, effectively managing high call volumes in a call center is imperative to ensure that every customer in queue is satisfied with the response simultaneously we are  maintaing operational efficiency. By implementing above mentioned strategies a call center can easily handle the high call volume instances with high satisfaction rate.

But, while focusing on attending high call volume it is also important that employees are not experience fatigue and stressful. Hence a smart action plan should also be in place get the agents enough breather whenever required.

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