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What is Inbound Customer Service in BPO

The Call Center of BPO is a customer service industry, hence you constantly need to be in touch with customers, either via inbound calls or via outcall them.

There are 2 common methods by which a BPO can connect to a customer or vice versa.

The first method is where the customer initiates a call to reach out call center for any service or product-related issues.

The second method where the call center outcalls a customer for sales, lead generation, retention, or collection

In today’s blog, we’ll dive deep into the importance of inbound customer service and its benefits. Let’s dive in!

To understand the inbound call center in brief  :

“Inbound customer service in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) involves handling incoming calls and inquiries from customers.

Agents focus on resolving issues, providing information, and offering support. It’s about delivering excellent service, managing customer needs, and maintaining positive interactions to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

Before jumping to the importance of Inbound Customer Service let’s first understand ” What is Inbound Customer Service in BPO

What is Inbound Customer Service in BPO?

Inbound and outbound are two important channels in BPO, that facilitate customer interaction efficiently. Both channels allow communication between the customer and the call center. In simple words, Inbound customer service receives inquiries via inbound calls while outbound initiates contact.

What is Inbound Customer Service in BPO
What is Inbound Customer Service in BPO


To simply define Inbound customer service in BPO :

“Inbound customer service in BPO involves handling incoming customer inquiries, support requests, and resolving issues via inbound calls and messages.”

Further in the blog, we will understand the 3 major communication channels for inbound customer service BPO.

3 Major inbound BPO Channels

1. Inbound Calls :

One traditional way to reach out to a call center is via inbound calls. Customers connect with agents via phone calls to seek assistance related to products or for service resolution in real-time conversations.

When the call center industry was evolving customer had only one medium to connect with companies to raise issues about their product, services, or any other query, i.e. via calls. However, there are 2 major disadvantages of this facility :

  1. Customers have to wait in queue for a long time ( especially in peak hours)
  2. Beyond a certain time window, customers can not call to a call center

Free Call Center Phone illustration and picture

To overcome these ordeals, a chat facility was introduced by every brand for their customers to avoid the hassle of waiting in queue.

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Let’s discuss more about the chat channel in the blog next.

2. Chats :

The other common method to reach out to a call center is via chat method, a non-voice type of call center channel. With the advancement of technologies now every company has thein on mobile application. This facilitates a customer to reach out to customer care with just one click and also avoids the hassle of dialing customer care numbers, waiting in the queue, and listening to cacophonic call center tunes.

Outlined below are some core benefits of chat medium over other channels:

For customers:

  • Can connect to call centers with just one click
  • Easy and Convenient
  • Avoid waiting in long queue
  • Customers can manage multiple tasks along with chatting with call center agents.
  • Provides a written record of the interaction for future reference.

For Customer Service agent:

  • Agent Can handle multiple chats at once.
  • Reduces the PRI cost
  • Real-time Support to customers reduces call abandoned and improves the call center metrics

3. Social Media :

With the growing social media trend, customers now have the freedom to drag companies and brands on public platforms or tag their owners and express concerns related to products or services on social media platforms.

Call Centers have now a dedicated department for cases highlighted on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. So if we talk about call centers, social media issues are an integral part of all inbound call centers.

Customers reach out through social platforms enabling call center representatives to answer on the platform or in private message to address concerns.

In addition to this, messaging, email, and tickets are some other common inbound channels by which a customer can reach out to a call center.

It’s time for some FAQs now :


1. What is Inbound customer service?

If a call center handles inbound calls/chats from customers related to products, services, and other customer service-related issues is known as inbound customer service.

2. What is Inbound in BPO?

Inbound in BPO referees to as inbound calls/ chats initiated by a customer for the product or service-related grievances.

3. What is Inbound call answering?

Inbound call answering are calls answered by call center agents that were initiated by a customer for product-related issues.


So readers I hope this article on ” What is Inbound Customer Service in BPO ?” has cleared all your doubts related to Call Center inbound customer service. Still, if you have any questions you can contact us at

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