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Call Center Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

Call centers or BPOs have become the first choice for the youth these days. No special skill set, a minimum of 18 years of age to start your career, and No investment, These are the many reasons which attract youth to call centers.

Having said that, it is not easy to crack interviews at every call center. One might be able to crack interviews for small-size or start-up BPOs but when we talk about some good call centers like Concentrix, Accenture, TCS, American Express, or Genpact, etc. they have tough rounds of interviews, in which they also take the mental and aptitude test of the candidate. 

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In this article, I have outlined a few difficult questions other than the introductory questions asked by HR, which are difficult to handle, and if not handled with confidence might lead to disqualification. Often, these questions are asked to the candidates to check their communication and aptitude skills. So if you are the one who is looking for a job in BPO then you must read today’s article.

So let’s start today’s topic.

Call Center Interview Questions and Answers

So here are the questions with reason and how to answer them

Q 1. Why do you want to join Call Center?

Understanding the question

To answer this question, you have to pay attention that your answer may show you the exit door of the interview, as it is directly related to the stability and long association with the organization. So answer this question in a  formal way. Avoid saying that you want to join for a few days or for pocket money. Such an answer can definitely get you entry into small size call centers where there is always a requirement for manpower and more attention is paid to quality than quality.

However, if your aim is to crack the interviews of top call centers then give an answer which reflects your intention of long association with your company. 

How to Answer:

You can answer this question by reviewing the 3 sample answers below:

  1. I want to join the call center as I want to share the financial burden of my father because he is the only bread earner in my family.
  2. The main reason why I want to join the call center is that I want to be self-dependent and want to lay the foundation of my career path as soon as possible.
  3. I am very fascinated with the life of a call center agent, as I love to serve and interact with new people every day.

Q.2 How will you handle an irate customer?

Understanding the question:

Here interview wants to analyze your customer service and handling skills. As in a call center, you will have to experience such instances every day. Answer this question from the customer’s prospect and relate it with an example for a better understanding of the interview.

How to Answer:

Assuming that you are a call center agent, reply “We need to first listen to the customer’s issue calmly and pacify the customer by paraphrasing his concern and assuring of full resolution. By using maximum resources and tools we can resolve the customer’s issue.”

Q.3 How flexible you are in terms of shifts?

Understanding the question:

Interviewers want to see how flexible you are in your shift timings. As the call center is a 24*7 running industry hence they want to get assured that you are ready to work any shift or any day of the week even on weekends.

How to Answer:

You should reply: “I understand the call center industry is working on different schedules and days, hence I am completely  flexible with the shift timing and weekdays allocated to me for work. In addition to this if anytime my team leader wants me to be available on weekly offs I can compensate for that as well provided I have no plans for the day.”

Q.4 Where would you like to see yourself after 5 years?

Understanding the question:

This question is generally asked in every interview, regardless of the industry but you should not take it for granted. The purpose of this question is to asses how visionary you are and also do you have the hunger for growth or not?.

How to Answer:

To answer this question first you should have an idea what is the growth rate in the call center industry and what is the maximum growth you can achieve in terms of hierarchy in 5 years. So you can reply:

I trust quality work and want to go the extra mile along with my daily work I would also like to add value to the company in every way possible through my other skills.

As much as I know about the industry. I will try to deliver the maximum possible work and aim to reach at call center manager level after 5 years.

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Q.5 What other skills do you have which can add value to our company?

Understanding the question:

By putting this question interviewer wants to know about any additional skills you have which can add value to the team or organization, if you have related selection skills then there are more changes in your selection.

How to Answer:

Just be honest, if you have skills then good but if you do not, then no need to worry because generally for call center there is no specific skills required, however, if you have skills such as computer knowledge, MS Excel, MS Word, or any learning and development course you have done than just mention it, because these additional skills will not only give you an added advantage for selection but also will be helpful in rapid growth inside the organization.

So, readers, these are the 5 most common questions asked to freshers in a call center interview. A small piece of advice to prepare some thoughtful questions at the end of the interview to the recruiter to know more about the job role and responsibilities.

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