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Why Call Center Jobs Are Stressful

Call Centers are part of the Customer Service segment for many companies, providing essential support and communication channels between businesses and their clients. Nowadays call centers provide every single facility that every corporate employee gets in other reputed sectors, despite this fact the call center industry experiences a high attrition rate and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to work in a Call Center.

Although many industries face similar conditions these days, the call center industry is especially known for being stressful.

Why Call Center Jobs are Stressful
Why Call Center Jobs are Stressful

In today’s blog, I’ll discuss some common reasons why working in a call center is considered a stressful job.

Without further ado, let’s start  :

Why Call Center Jobs Are Stressful

Although there are various factors and reasons Why Call Center Jobs are Stressful ?, in this blog I have outlined 5 common and major reasons for the same  :

Target Achievement :

Achieving targets is crucial in any company, and employees are expected to meet these goals as part of their job role. However, in the case of call centers due to the pressure of gaining high customer satisfaction or CSAT Score, the targets are often more stringent and demanding, with high expectations, adding significant pressure to the job.

Meeting targets creates pressure in the work environment by imposing strict performance metrics, constant monitoring, and high expectations, leading to stress, burnout, no work-life balance, etc.

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Monotonous Work Culture :

If you have despised doing repetitive tasks in your job for years then surely call center jobs is not suitable jobs for you. One significant cause of stress in the call center industry is the repetitive nature of the work.

The primary job of a call center agent is to attend calls and provide resolution to the customer, performing the same tasks, adhering to strict schedules, and addressing similar problems repeatedly can lead to monotony and stress.

Doing the same tasks every day can make employees feel tired mentally and less motivated.

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Irate Customers  :

As mentioned above monotonous jobs is one of the primary reasons for the high attrition in Call Centers. Even if you adopt this monotonous work culture to some extent, the irritable and angry customers a call center executive meets daily definitely spoil the day and make your job stressful.

Handling an angry customer is not merely challenging; it requires exceptional patience, empathy, and problem-solving skills, which can be draining and significantly add to the stress of the job.

Dealing with difficult and angry customers is an unavoidable part of working in a call center.

Poor Work-Life Balance :

Call Center Life is known for its night work culture, especially in India where most of the call centers work for offshore clients i.e. International Clients primarily for the US and UK. If you are working for a call center you should be flexible for a 24*7 shift culture which means you can be rostered anytime any day.

Working regularly on rotations shifts can not only lead to serious health concerns but can also disrupt your sleep patterns, poor work-life balance, and increased fatigue.

Poor work-life balance and stress are interconnected 

Common Call Center Metrics 

No Fixed Time/Week offs :

In addition to poor work-life balance what makes call center jobs more stressful is not getting weekly offs or PTOs ( Paid Time off )  when required, even though you are entitled to avail your leaves and you have a good amount of leave balance.

In the Call Center industry, your leave approval depends primarily on 3 key factors:

  • Call volume
  • Available backup manpower
  • Any occasion or festive season

Conclusion :

In conclusion, Call centers are the lifeline of customer service for many businesses, ensuring smooth communication between companies and their clients. However, the factors shared above, no work-life balance, no fixed time offs, irregular shift timing, etc. are enough to state that “Why Call Center Jobs are Stressful ?”

Hence if you are planning to start your career in the call center industry you should be mentally tough to handle such stressful situations.


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