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What are the job roles of TL in BPO?

Irrespective of the industry you are working in, if you are handling a leadership role, it comes with some additional responsibility. In BPO the role of Team Leaders becomes more crucial as they are directly managing the manpower, that plays a key role in business and revenue growth.

What are the job roles of TL in BPO
What are the job roles of TL in BPO

Although, one of the basic job roles of TL in BPO is to handle team members. But apart from the basic job role, the Team Leader is also responsible and accountable for certain other job roles

In this blog “What are the job roles of TL in BPO ? “ we will dive deep into some key job roles performed by the TL in BPO but before jumping to the main topic let’s understand what is a  TL in BPO and what some required skills for a Team Leader in BPO.

Who is  TL  in BPO?

TL  stands for Team Leader. Team Leader plays a pivotal role in BPO by working as a mediator between call center representatives and management also responsible for driving performance.

In short, we can define a team leader as:

An individual who is  responsible for managing a team and accountable for their performance.

In idle scenarios, a BPO Team Leader must be able to manage a team of 15-20 team members,which may vary as per the client’s requirement

Now let’s discuss some primary skills required to become a Team Leader in BPO

Skills for Team Lealder in BPO

Although there are no specific skills for a Team Leader in BPO it depends on the process and nature of work. But I will highlight some primary skills, required everywhere for the individual for Team Leader Profile

Technical Skills :

  • Good Computer Knowledge
  • MS Office ( Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook )
  • Good Typing Speed

Soft Skills :

  • Good Communication Skills (Written and Verbal(
  • People Management Skills

Now let’s move to the main topic

What are the job roles of TL in BPO

Although TL’s job roles in BPO depend on the process and client. But some common and primary job roles of TL in BPO are  :

What are the job roles of TL in BPO
What are the job roles of TL in BPO

1. Drive Performance :

One of the primary tasks of a TL in BPO is to drive the performance of the team. A call Center is a target-based domain, hence irrespective of the call center type i.e inbound or outbound, there are certain call center metrics, the call center should achieve that, therefore the major role of the Team leader in a Call Center is to drive performance and achieved the call center targets.

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2. People Management :

The call center team leader should also have good People Management Skills. A BPO or call center relies heavily on manpower, so a leader must manage the team effectively in such a way as to ensure the team is happy and performs well without any compromises in performance.

In Summary, A BPO team leader needs people management skills  :

To keep the team motivated, handle conflicts, ensure high performance, and maintain a positive work environment.

3. Client Interaction :

Irrespective of the profession, client management becomes your key responsibility if you are in any leadership position. Especially in Call Centers or BPOs where the client is involved in the process from scratch.

Thus, it becomes the core job role of a TL in BPO to manage clients and interact with them regularly to avoid any misunderstanding of business opportunities, because ultimately it is the client who gives you more and more business provided they are happy with your performance

In a BPO, client satisfaction is just as crucial as customer satisfaction

4. Talent Retention :

The other core responsibility of a Team Leader in BPO is to control attrition or in other words ” Retain the Talent “. Often in BPOs attrition is one of the biggest challenges faced by the management. Although it is impossible to retain all employees, who are willing to leave as a leader it is your prime job to retain the old and valuable members of the team.

Retaining old team members doesn’t only help in controlling attrition but also it improves your performance and business revenue.

Tip :

If you are a Team Leader and struggling to retain your team members then the below 5 tips can help you to control attrition  :

  1. Prepare EWS or RAG report  
  2. Strengthen your bond with team members
  3. Create a friendly work environment
  4. Conduct regular 1:1 sessions with every member
  5. Conduct sport events or RNR sessions

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5. Interpersonal communication :

In addition to the above-mentioned key responsibilities, The Team leader is also accountable to deliver important communication between team members and other department. A Team Leader helps pass on important messages from management, HR, and Quality, admin departments to the team members and vice versa.

These interpersonal communication skills are very important to avoid any miscommunication and help to arrest any issues raised by the agents or conflict between team members and management.

In addition to the above-mentioned primary tasks some other common tasks performed by TL in BPO or call centers are:

Conclusion :

In conclusion, a team leader is not just a leader for their team but rather acts as a guardian for the team members, nurturing them as if they were part of his own family and taking a stand for them whenever required.

While offering support and care, a true leader must ensure that this nurturing does not compromise the team’s performance and affect the business’s growth.



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