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What is ZTP in a call center?

Every organization has specific rules and regulations that every employee needs to follow. These rules are designed for the welfare and safety of all employees irrespective of gender, color, and position, and failing to follow them may lead to severe consequences.

What is ZTP in a call center
What is ZTP in a call center?


Nevertheless, some mischievous employees try to violate the rules and consider it as their pride. Especially in call centers or BPOs where a major chunk of employees are youth and these incidents are reported frequently. Hence to tackle such employees every organization designs some policies which give the right employer to terminate a such mischievous employees in case they do not follow certain rules

In today’s blog we will discuss below points :

  • What is ZTP in a Call Center ?
  • Common reasons which may lead to ZTP

What is ZTP in a Call Center

Now as you are clear about ZTP in a Call Center , let’s understand ZTP in detail. ZTP is an abbreviation of the Zero Tolerance Policy. As the name refers, the purpose of designing a zero-tolerance policy is to take strict measures against any inappropriate actions and behaviors by the employees which lead to termination of the employee and by this avoid such incidents in the future.

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In every organization, some specific rules and policies have been made to protect the interests of the employees and the employer, and voiding these policies can lead to dire consequences.

Common reasons which may lead to ZTP in a Call Center

Further, in this article, we will understand the 5 most common reasons which can lead to ZTP in the organization, especially in a call center environment

1. Violation of the POSH policy

2. Behavioral Issues

3. Customer’s Data breach

4. Long absenteeism

5. Illegal or unethical activities

Let’s discuss all reasons in detail:

1. Violation of the POSH policy:

It is very important to have the safety of women’s employment in any organization, although from time to time the government keeps making some new laws and policies, one such policy is the POSH policy, the purpose of which is to make women feel safe in the office environment. Therefore, if any employee molests women on the office premises, then the POSH committee constituted by the organization itself has the right to terminate that employee.

POSH stands for Prevention of Sexual Harassment

For a detailed article about POSH policy and its consequences, you can click refer to the link: POSH policy in the call center

2. Behavioral Issues:

Another common reason which is not tolerable whatsoever is the behavior aspect of the employee. If an employee in the organization is found to be indulging in repeated behavioral issues then it may lead to the termination of the employee

  • The behavioral issue includes, but is not limited to :
  • Assaulting or abusing a colleague with a senior
  • Rude attitude towards coworkers.
  • Threatening to any staff of the organization.
  • Not open to feedback or disobeying seniors
  • Intentionally not to be a part of team meetings.

The good thing about behavioral issues is that an employee gets 2-3 warnings before termination.


ZTP in a call center
ZTP in a call center



3. Customer’s Data breach:

The call center industry is customer-centric.  Hence every customer for the call center is important and the data of customers should be managed by the call center sensibly. Leaking the customer’s data or breaching security is a big crime and its punishment is only termination, irrespective of the designation of the culprit.

Although, now with the help of advanced technologies, every call center has certain software and proxies in the office environment which prevent the misuse and leakage of customers’ data from anyone 

In most call centers, there is an act called DPA ( Data Protection Act) which is specially designed to save and secure customers’ data and details.

4. Long absenteeism:

One of the common reasons for ZTP in call centers is a long absence from work. Although every company allots a certain quota of paid leaves to its employees every month, sometimes due to a medical emergency or family exigencies, you may have to take more leaves than the allotted quota, which is okay to take. But you have to keep in mind that you must inform your supervisor about your medical or family emergency so that your supervisor can inform HR.

Because every organization mentions the leave policy in the offer letter and also quotes the number of leaves beyond which employees can be deactivated or terminated after uninformed absenteeism.

5. Illegal or unethical activity:

There is no place for any illegal activity in an organization, especially in a call center where the major contribution is of youths hence there is zero tolerance for such activities whatsoever. Below are some common illegal/unethical activities that may lead to ZTP:

  • Consuming alcohol or abusive drugs on the office premises
  • Any financial misconduct
  • Compromising official policies for financial gain
  • Cybercrime 
As an employee of an organization, one should avoid indulging in to any such activity which may lead to ZTP (Zero Tolerance Policy)
In addition to the above-mentioned reasons, there could be several others that may vary as per the policy of the organization.

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