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How to deliver successful training output in a Call Center

Irrespective of the industry, the core responsibility of a trainer is to deliver a successful training output for their batch. Though delivering a 100% training output is a tough nut to crack, especially in the Call center industry where the major chunk of trainees are youth and the attrition rate of training batches is very high.


How to deliver successful training output in a Call Center
How to deliver successful training output in a Call Center


But with the right group of strategies, a successful training output can be achieved.

Though every call center has a success rate target for every batch and the trainer’s performance is also measured on the basis of the success rate of his batches hence by default it becomes the duty of the trainer to achieve the target and focus on maximum output.

Nevertheless, there are some uncontrollable facts that can lead to  a low success ratio of batches.

In today’s blog, we will discuss some proven tips that will help to deliver successful training output in a Call Center

improve a call center’s training output and If you are a trainer in any industry then today’s blog is especially helpful for you.

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Without further ado let’s start the topic: How to deliver successful training output in a Call Center

How to deliver successful training output in a Call Center

1. Strong Bond with Trainees:

If you want to deliver a successful training output you must have a strong bond with the trainees. A strong bond with trainees can help you in many ways, few of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • To help control training attrition.
  • Removes the fear of asking questions which helps to every batchmate, especially those trainees who often struggle with low confidence.
  • A strong bond helps in building trust within the team and between the trainer and trainee.
  • Team bonding is helpful in increasing the morale of team members.
  • Help improve communication.

2:Designing Training Itenary:

One of the most important steps to increase the training output rate is to design a strong training itinerary. In general, a training itinerary can be understood as a hard copy of a printout or a digital paper of the entire training schedule. This training Itenary has a step wise and day to day activity schedule to be performed by the training team.

An ideal training itinerary must include the following:

  • Day-wise syllabus and topics to be covered.
  • Must have the date and venue of the training.
  • Must have the trainer’s name with the reporting manager and further hierarchy of the training department.
  • Must have an ice-breaking session which makes trainees comfortable.
  • It must include fun activities and another sessions helpful to burst the stress and improve morale.
  • Must have a doubt clearing session regarding the product.
  • Must have short sessions (if required) with other departments e.g.HR, Admin, Quality, Payroll etc. 
  • Must have a session dedicated to hands-on training or on-floor activity.

3. Good infrastructure and advanced tools:

In an organization, a well-decorated training room, advanced training tools and material, smooth transport communication, and beautiful  building premises are such factors that attract every employee. 

A good infrastructure plays a major role in the following:

  • Retaining employees
  • Reducing stress
  • Improves productivity
  • Maintaining the health of employees.

While advanced training tools e.g. projectors, computer system, and  digital notebooks helps in a better understanding of the product.

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4. Skilled Trainers:

After HR ,Trainers are the ones who first interact with the new joiners and spend a good amount of days with them. Hence if the trainer of the organization is experiencing and qualified then he/she can handle the batch with ease while if the trainer is a newbie and less educated that he/she will have to face the struggle in handling the batch and might produce worst training output.

In a call center, a trainer can be termed as skilled, if he/she has the following qualities:

  • Good communication and public speaking skills.
  • People management skills to retain talent.
  • Good knowledge of the product.
  • A good team player.
  • Good leadership skills.

5.Hands-on Experience:

The theory is of no value in any industry without hands on or practical experience. The same is the case of the Call center industry where the training period depends on the process but at the end of every training period, practical experience is a must.

In the Call center trainees can get practical experience by visiting the floor and watching other customer service representatives interacting with customers by live chat or voice call in real-time.

Hand on training provide the opportunity to the trainees to actually work on software , application and interact with customers rather than passively taking information in the training room or virtually.

Generally, an ideal training output is considered between 85%-90% which may vary as per the client and process requirement.



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