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Importance of RAG Analysis in a Call Center

Attrition for any industry or organization is a big concern. The two most affected industries by attrition are IT and BPO/ Call Centers. Especially in a call center where a major chunk of employees is the youth who work only for time pass, pocket money, or short-term goal.

RAG Analysis in a Call Center
RAG Analysis in a Call Center


Needless to say, every organization prepares plans and do several analysis in advance to retain its employees. One such attrition analysis is RAG analysis which is also known as EWS ( Early Warning System) or RYG analysis.

In today’s blog, we will understand:

  • What is RAG analysis in a Call Center ?
  • How to do a RAG analysis?
  • Questions to be asked for RAG analysis?
  • What are the benefits of RAG analysis?

Without further ado let’s start with the topic of RAG analysis :

What is RAG Analysis in a Call Center?

As mentioned above RAG analysis is an attrition analysis that helps a BPO or call center in predicting the attrition rate for next month.

RAG is an acronym for RED, AMBER, and GREEN. R in RAG represents the RED color, A represents the AMBER color, and G represents the GREEN color. 

RAG analysis can be used interchangeably with other terms like RYG  and EWS.

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Now let’s understand:

How to do a RAG analysis?

RAG analysis is similar to 1:1 sessions with your team members. Often in a call center, this analysis is performed by the team leaders or Assistant Managers who are directly connecting with the agents. The entire process of RAG analysis can be divided into 4 parts:

1. 1:1 connect with the team members.
2. Dividing the entire team on the basis of probable attrition into 3 categories i.e. RED, AMBER, and GREEN
3. Calculate the count of agents under each category.
4. Divide the count of each category by the total count of agents.

And you are done with the RAG analysis for your team.

This is just to add on if you are unaware of how to categorize the agents under color codings. Below is the clarification:

RED: When the agent is sure of attrition for next month. Often agents with less tenure tend to fall under this category.

AMBER: When the agent is not sure of attrition but suspects probable attrition due to any of the reason

GREEN: When an agent is not showing any indication of attrition and is happy with the organization. Agents with longer tenure are generally categorized under GREEN.

Questions to be asked for RAG analysis in a Call Center?

No RAG analysis can give you an accurate prediction of attrition, however, we can ask the below questions to get some close predictions:

1. What’s your educational background?

2. What is your aim in life?

3. How do you see yourself after 3 or 4 years in the call center?

The above 3 questions are to asses whether an agent is actually looking to stay in the call center or he/she has some other goals in life and is just a short-term employee in the company.

If you are satisfied with the answers and the agent seems confident in a long run then you can ask some internal questions like:

1. How happy you are with the organization’s culture, infrastructure, etc.?

2. What would you like to change in the current organizational infrastructure?

3. How happy you are with your supervisor’s behavior or support?

4. What do you not like about your team leader or supervisor?

5. How frequently team leader connects with you 

Let’s understand the RAG analysis by an example:

A team leader Rakesh has a team of 20 team members. He did the RAG analysis and divide the agents into 3 categories Below is the snippet  for categorization and attrition rate:

RAG report
RAG report

Now we will discuss the benefits of RAG analysis:

5 advantages of RAG analysis in BPO:

1. Attrition prediction: The major role of RAG analysis is to predict the future attrition rate of the company.

2. Strong Bond: RAG analysis also helps to strengthen the bond between a team leader and a team member.

3. Action Plan: RAG analysis gives you the probable attrition analysis which helps in creating backup plans and filling the agent’s replacement on time.

4. Accountability: RAG analysis also creates a sense of responsibility. With the help of RAG analysis, we can generate a team leader or manager-wise attrition rate and if a manager or team leader has a higher rate of attrition then he/she should be held accountable to find the root cause of this high attrition.

5 Client Satisfaction:  RAG analysis is a proactive approach towards attrition rate and if you do it in well advance and share the attrition picture along with the plan of action with the client he/she will be happy with the proactiveness.


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