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Types of Leaves in a Call Center

Leaves are the right of every employee irrespective of any sector or domain he/she is working in. This is especially important in a call center where the work schedule is very hectic and demanding and leaves provide and opportunity to rejuvenate oneself.

Leaves in a Call CenterLeaves in a Call Center


Under the factories act of 1948

“Every employee is entitled to 12 leaves in a year. However, with the advancement of policies, benefits and perks offered by the companies, now most companies have increased the quota of leaves and added leave types in to employee’s account”

In today’s blog post we will discuss about the Types of Leaves in a Call Center. 

Types of leaves in a Call Center:

Though there are a number of leaves in a call center but the leaves that fall under various categories depend on the leave policy of a call center. Some of the leave types are outlined below.

  • Casual Leaves (CL)
  • Annual Leaves (AL)
  • Sick Leaves/Casual Sick Leaves (SL)
  • Maternity Leaves (ML)
  • Planned Leaves (PL)
  • Unplanned leaves (UPL)
  • Marriage leave.

Let’s discuss 4 major common leaves in a Call Center.

1. Planned leaves/Casual leaves/Earned leaves:

The first type of leave is planned one which is often termed as casual or earned leaves. When an employee seeks leave in advance then he/she applies through an organization’s leave portal for the required dates. As the name refers this type of leaves are already planned in advance and hence termed “Planned leaves”.

The request date and duration of Planned leaves  specifically depends on the leave policy of a call center and leave balance in an employee’s account.

In call centers where the major chunk of employees are youth and client has some stringent manpower requirement on daily basis, planned leaves should be managed judiciously by managers.

Often the targets for planned leaves in a call center are 8% but mostly it varies as per the process and organization’s policy.

Marriage leaves, Family function, Holiday leaves are some examples of planned leaves.

2. Unplanned leaves:

As the name implies leaves that are not informed in advanced are known as unplanned leaves. 

In the event of family exigency or medical situation, an employee may not be able to inform to supervisor about the leaves required immediately. However as a protocol they should inform to supervisor next day or should submit the required documents when coming back to office. If documents are vetted by the supervisor and are legit than leaves can  be marked under medical or casual leaves and are paid but if an employee failed to produce the required documents than these leaves are marked unplanned and unpaid.

Though in some organizations if you have enough leave quota in your account your leaves would be marked paid as per the quota irrespective of planned or unplanned leaves but in most of the organizations where leave policies are strict, uninformed leaves are marked unpaid to avoid the misuse of leave balance.

Planned and unplanned leaves play a crucial role in call center daily manpower requirement hence every team leader should mindfully used the leaves quota of his team.

3.Medical/Sick leaves:

Though Medical leaves and sick leaves are two different types , but  blog we will understand both leaves type under the same heading. 

Medical leaves are marked when an employee has to plan the leaves for any upcoming medical reason, medical treatment or any other medical type. The process of requesting medical leaves is simple. An employee has to produce required medical documents in advance for the leave require date to get the medical leaves approved.

Sick leaves are generally of 1 or 2 days. When an employee is not feeling well and unable to do productive work, company allows a rest of 1/2 days to refresh and back to the work .Often sick leaves does not require any documents to be produced but to avoid misuse of sick leave policies the supervisor may ask for required documents.

4.Maternity/ Paternity leaves:

As per the Indian maternity benefit act 1961, a women for her first and second child can avail up to 6 months or 26 weeks of paid leave irrespective of government of private sector. Out of 26 weeks , 12 weeks are dedicated to post-delivery to take care of new born baby.

This type of leaves is known as Maternity leave. 

Every organization is bound to give permission for maternity leaves as per the Indian labor law, denying to which can give some trouble on legal front to the organization.

Similar to Maternity leaves for a male employee who is a “would be father” can also be authorized to avail the benefit of paternity leaves. Though paternity leaves are not authorized by every company as there is no strict rules or labor law for paternal leaves but now a days most of the companies are offering the paternity leaves which can be available for a period of 7 days.

I hope this blog will clear all the doubts with regards to leave policy in Call Center. Still if you have any question do connect us at :callcenter26@gmail.com

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