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KRAs of IT Team in the Call Center

There are many departments in a company and each department has its own responsibilities and it would not be wrong to say that each department plays an important role in the success of the company.

Likewise in a call center, there are many departments e.g. HR, Operations, Quality, Training, Accounts, IT, etc., and every department performs its own duty. 

 IT team in the Call Center
IT team in the Call Center
 IT team in the Call Center


Our Today’s blog will focus on the “role and responsibilities of the IT team in the call center”, providing a comprehensive understanding of its function.

KRAs of IT Team in the call center

The IT department in a call center plays a significant role in ensuring the smoothing function of call center operations. The role of the IT team can be understood in such a way that without the IT team, it is not only difficult but impossible to imagine the functioning of the call center operations.

Now let’s understand the top 5 vital roles and responsibilities performed by the IT team in the call center:

1. Data Security:

Data security is a subset of information security and can be understood as a process that allows a company to safeguard its digital information from being theft, attacked, or accessed by any unauthorized user.

The core responsibility of an IT department is to ensure that data security tools such as firewalls, VPNs, encryptions, and software are implemented and maintained properly.

The significance of data security in a call center is more important as the call center does not have its own data rather call center is entrusted with data provided by the brand or company to communicate with their customers. Hence it becomes imperative for a call center to be highly vigilant in safeguarding the 3rd party data.

2. Infrastructure Management:

One of the major responsibilities of an IT department is to manage the infrastructure in a call center. An IT team should be able to manage hardware, software, network, and servers as per the capacity of the call center.

In a big call center where the client size is also high, every client has its own demand for servers, as per the nature of its business. The IT department must ensure that every client is satisfied with the infrastructure setup and that any issues are resolved promptly.

In case of any downtime, the client should be informed proactively of the issue subject and occurrence and the TAT (turnaround time) to resolve the issue, failing which can be hazardous in terms of client frustration and revenue loss to the call center.

3. Dialer and Software Management:

The IT team is also responsible to manage the dialer operations for a call center. Though in big call centers, there is a specialized dialer team that manages all the dialer-related workload but in most call centers dialer and IT teams work together to manage the dialer operation.

The operations of the dialer include a change in dialer mode and pace management of inbound calls.

There are different Call center software e.g. ACD ( Automatic Call distribution), IVR (Interactive Voice Response), and CRM ( Customer Relationship Management)  that enables call center agents to handle a large number of incoming calls. IT team is also responsible to manage these call center software.

Some useful call center software is outlined below:

  • Dial pad
  • Cloud Talk
  • Avaya
  • Zendesk
  • Fresh desk
  • Salesforce

4. Technical or Hardware Support:

In a call center where the major revenue source is a call center agent, it becomes imperative for the IT team to provide speedy technical and hardware-related support to call center agents and other staff. 

A call center agent may experience different technical issues such as the system not working, software not working or requiring updating, credential issues, etc. 

Likewise, an agent may face any hardware-related issue such as headphones not working, or computer peripherals e.g. mouse, keyboard, or monitor not working.

It is the responsibility of the IT department to deploy dedicated 24*7 support to help the agents and other staff in real-time, failing which can lead to hampering production and further result in the seat and revenue loss.

5. Vendor and Asset Management:

IT team also works as Vendor management for assets and contracts. A representative, usually a vendor manager, arranges a meeting with various vendors offering IT tools and assets and finalizes the best one. They then negotiate contracts and prices for systems, servers, and other assets, and submit them to upper management for approval.

The other primary KRA of an IT team is to manage and maintenance of the distribution of the assets in an organization. How many assets are allocated to a department of individual, list of non-working assets, arranging assets to new joiner, System integration for new joiner, Recovery of the system, and IT assets from the employees leaving the organization. Manage the WFH and WFO systems and assets.


In addition to the above-mentioned cases, there are several other tasks like, creating policy for the IT assets, Real-time management of dialer, Automation, cloud computing, and system integration, which are performed by the IT department in a call center.

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