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Skills for a Call Center Job

Since the inception of the call center industry in India, this industry has emerged as an industry that has provided job opportunities to the youth even if they are unskilled or less skilled. However, now, as big brands are outsourcing their customer service segment to good call centers or BPOs, the toughness of hiring a quality employee is also increasing.

Skills for a Call Center job
Skills for a Call Center job


Now if you are amazed what is the role of a client in call center hiring for your information, let me tell you that now in most call centers, the interference of the client has increased a lot and the selection of each candidate is sealed only after the client round.

So in today’s blog we will demystify the skills for a Call Center Job with current work environment. 

Without further ado, let’s start the topic “Skills for a Call Center Job”

Skills for a Call Center Job

Although skills for a Call Center job depends on the nature of the process and work , however in this blog we have focused on 5 major skills, required to get a Call Center Job.

Let’s discuss them in detail:

1. English communication skills :

One of the main skills every job seeker should hold to apply for a call center job is to have an excellent command of the English language (both written and verbal). Although for domestic BPOs and start-up BPOs, recruiters do not focus much on English communication skills, rather than customer handling skills but when we talk about top BPOs in India like, Genpact, Concentrix, TCS, Accenture, etc. than these BPOs have basic eligibility criteria to possess excellent communication skills because such BPOs handle international and premium projects and do not compromise on communication skills.

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Also if a candidate is aiming for a high salary in a call center then he must look for international call centers and international BPOs.

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2. Typing skills :

The other skill which is quite often looked by the call center recruiter in your CV is typing skills. In a call center, there are different mediums by which a customer can connect with a call center agent or vice versa. Calls, chats, messaging, and emails are a few of them. 

For a voice process if you have good communication skills then the recruiter might consider you but for a chat or backend process, the candidate must have good typing speed as well.

Although we see candidates who have a typing speed between 35 to 40 with 95% accuracy are good to go for the next round, there is no such definition of good typing speed as it varies per the client and process requirement.

If you are a job seeker and want to get into a call center job then you must work on your typing speed. 

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3. Customer Service skills:

The call center industry is a customer-oriented industry. Hence candidates are preferred, who have good customer service skills. If you are experienced in a call center then you must know what comes under customer service skills, but if not, then let me clarify customer skills including communication, empathy, and problem-solving skills in a candidate.

Although there is no certification course for customer service skills, if you belong to the hospitality industry, it is considered to be the standard of customer service.

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4. Pressure Handling skills:

Maintaining work-life balance is very important but if are working in a call center or customer driver industry then you know how tough it is. No fixed week offs, Rotations shifts, and less PTO ( Paid Time Offs) make it difficult to maintain a work-life balance.

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In addition to this shouting supervisors, target driver process, and no breather on peak hours create a pressurized situation. Hence the one skill you must possess if you are willing to join a call center is to be able to handle and soak the pressure. Even, if you possess all 3 skills mentioned above and are not able to handle the pressure then your journey will be of a shorter span in a call center or BPO.

5. Other specific skills:

As we mentioned above a recruiter for call center representative hiring does not look for specific skills but if you have other skills which can add value to the current role, then it will increase the chance of your shortlisting and can also offer a decent salary package as compared to other candidates applying for the same job with no specific skills.

Let’s look at some skills which can increase your chances of selection and recruiters look for such certified candidates.

1. Microsoft Excel certified.
2. Other Microsoft packages ( Word, PPT, Visio).
3. Proficient in another state language (bi-lingual or multilingual).
4. Any foreign language course.
5. Computer (hardware) course.


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