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Call Center Agent Salary and Factors Affecting Salary

The call center industry is experiencing significant growth at a rapid pace. In the past, the call center job is not taken seriously and people often understand it as a “non-dignified job” but now, every brand and company wants to outsource their customer segment to a Call Center or BPO, which is why this industry is in vogue amongst youth. Other major reasons why most of the youth are attracted to it are financial Independence, Opportunities for  Learning and Earning and Future Growth, etc.


Call Center Agent Salary
Call Center Agent Salary
Call Center Salary


Despite of these facts still people have a doubt in mind which is about the \Call Center Agent Salary.

Although the salary of an agent depends on the nature of the job and skills, there are several other factors that impact the salary in Call Center. 

In this blog today, we are going to cover “Call Center Agent Salary and Factors affecting salary“.

Without further ado, let’s start with the topic


What is the salary of a Call Center Agent? 

For a better understanding of the salary Offer, we have divided this into domestic or international call centers.

1. Domestic Call Center:

Call centers operate according to Indian Shift timing and specifically work for Indian Clients and are known as Domestic Call Centers. A few examples of companies, that outsource their customer service segment to domestic BPOs are Zomato, Swiggy, Lenskart, Goibibo, etc.

Salary of Domestic Call Centers: 

The salary offered to a domestic call center agent varies as per the process i.e. voice, non voice, back office,

To give a general estimate, in a reputed domestic call center, the average salary range typically falls within the range of 15k -30k (INR). However, the range may vary as per the skill set and last drawn salary.

2. International Call Center:

Call centers operate according to various Countries’ timing and handle outsourcing for international Clients known as International Call Centers or BPOs.

Salary of International Call Centers: 

The salary offered to an international call center agent is much higher as compared to a domestic call center agent.

The average salary range of an international call center representative ranges between 20k-50k which varies as per the client, job role, and shift timings.

Factors Affecting the call center agent salary

Call Center Agent Salary
Call Center Agent Salary


Below are some common factors that affect the salary of a call center agent irrespective of domestic or international processes.

1. Work Experience:

The first major factor that affects the salary offer is your work experience. If you already have previous work experience in a call center environment, especially handling customers then your salary offer would be high as compared to other fresher candidates.

Your work experience should also exhibit brands you have worked with. Many candidates ignore it but a candidate’s experience with ex-companies also impacts the salary offer.

2. Last Drawn Salary:

The other factor along with the work experience which affects the salary offer is the last drawn salary. Often, as per the market trend, one can get a hike of 20% -30% from the last drawn salary that varies as per the organization’s policies and some exceptions.

Please keep a note that while negotiating the salary offer, you should quote the last drawn salary which is available on paper, failing to do so will allow the recruiter to treat you as a fresher.

3. Other Skills:

The other factor which is often overlooked by the candidate but helps in negotiation for a high salary is other skills possessed by a candidate. If a candidate has a prior experience in a call center and also holds other skills, surely he/she can negotiate for a higher salary.

Other skills primarily include but are not limited to good typing speed, good English communication skills, people management, leadership skills, etc.

4. Process Type:

The salary factor also depends on the process you are selected for. For information, there are 2 major processes in the call center 1. Voice 2. Non-Voice. As per the trend and job role, it can be concluded that the salary of Non – Voice process agents are higher as compared to the Voice process agents, barring some exception.

The reason for same is, Non – Voice process demands more skills as compared to the voice process that means along with your basic skills you must have a good typing speed and good excellent communication skills to handle and resolve customer’s issues quickly.

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5. Client handled:

The 5th major factor which most recruiters see in your profile and also helps in high salary negotiation is a candidate’s client history which means the list of clients’ names with which the candidate has worked. 

Often, various call centers work for the same client or for the same domain client, so if a candidate has a history to work with a similar client or work experience in customer service from the same domain then they will have an added advantage, which also affects your salary offer.


In addition to the above-mentioned factors, there are several minor factors as well which affect your salary hike or negotiations.


Readers, I hope this article will help you to understand the salary and factors affecting Call Center agent salary

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