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CSAT vs NPS difference in Call Center

Although the goal of CSAT and NPS metrics is the same, they differ from each other in many aspects. In today’s blog, we will dive deep into the nuances of both metrics and will understand the ” CSAT vs NPS difference in Call Center”.

Call Center or Contact Center industry is a customer-driven industry. Nowadays every brand, especially new startups prefer to outsource their customer service business to contact centers. One of the main reasons for this is call centers are specially dedicated to only handling customers and resolving their queries with a high customer satisfaction rate.


CSAT vs NPS difference in Call Center
CSAT vs NPS difference in Call Center
CSAT vs NPS difference in Call Center


The performance of the Call Center is measured on different customer service metrics i.e. CSAT, NPS, and CES. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the “CSAT vs NPS difference in Call Center”

CSAT vs NPS difference in Call Center

As mentioned above a Call Center’s performance is measured on different customer service metrics, however, there are primarily 2 customer service metrics which is often measured on the basis of customer satisfaction i.e. NPS and CSAT

Before diving deep into the difference between NPS and CSAT, let’s first understand both of the metrics. 

What is CSAT?

CSAT as the name refers is the abbreviation for Customer Satisfaction. Often this metric is used across all customer-driven industries such as FMCG, Telecommunication, Travel, etc.


What is CSAT
What is CSAT


In Call Center or BPO, a CSAT score is the measurement of the customer’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction related to a specific product.

CSAT can be best defined as:

“A customer service metric which is a measure of the degree to which a service meets the customer’s satisfaction”.

How to Calculate CSAT?

In the call center, the most common method to calculate the CSAT is by calculating the survey feedback shared by the customer. After every interaction call center agent sent a survey to the customer to rate his experience related to the product and conversation.

The customer can rate the survey as per his experience and choose either one out of 5-star ratings or on a scale of 1 to 5 which denotes, Very Satisfied, Satisfied, Average, Dissatisfied, or Very Dissatisfied respectively.

Once you’ve sent out your surveys and collected your answers follow below is the step-by-step process to calculate the CSAT:

Step 1: Add up all the 4 and 5 responses.
Step 3:Add total number of responses sent
Step 4:Divide Step 1 to Step 2
Step 5:Mulitply the result to 100 to convert the number into a percentage.

The formula for CSAT Calculation :

Addition of 4 and 5 Survey / Total Survey Sent *100

Now let’s talk about NPS

What is NPS?

NPS is the abbreviation for Net Promotor Score. While CSAT primarily focuses on the customer experience related to product or chat, NPS denotes the overall experience of a customer.



NPS can be defined as:

A customer service metric that is useful to measure the customer’s loyalty to the company or how likely customers are happy to recommend your services to others.”

How to Calculate NPS?

Unlike CSAT, NPS is based on a scale of 1-10, at the end of the call or chat in the call center a survey is triggered to the customer, often with a common question.

“How likely you would like to recommend our services?”

Customers are expected to rate the survey as per their experience so far with the company. which is used to calculate the NPS

Below is a table to understand the rating scale in NPS:

Rating Customer Experience
0-6 Negative
7-8 Neutral
9-10 Promotor

The formula for NPS Calculation :

To calculate the NPS below formula is common across industries:

Promotor – Detractor / Total number of Surveys.

CSAT vs NPS difference in Call Center

Now the main topic is What’s the difference between CSAT and NPS. Although both metrics are used for customer experience and serve the same purpose, however, there are five differences which are outlined below in the table.

Customer Experience Depends on Specific Product or Service. Depends on the overall experience.
Rating Scale 1-5 1-10
Categories Very Good, Good, Average, Dissatisfied, Very Dissatisfied Promotor, Neutral, Detractor
Term Limited to an interaction. Longer Term.
Formula Survey (4+5)/ Total Survey (Promotor-Detractor)/Total Survey


While NPS and CSAT metrics may vary in their calculation methods or survey data collection approaches, their ultimate goal remains the same – enhancing customer satisfaction.

Therefore for companies aiming to improve customer satisfaction or to grow market credibility, it is crucial to focus simultaneously on both metrics. i.e. CSAT and NPS.

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