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Entrepreneurs started journey with call center

The job of a call center agent is to handle customers’ calls via chat or phone and to resolve it to attain customer satisfaction. Often call center jobs are not considered “dignified Jobs” and people working in a call center are said to be “Losers”, who are not qualified to do other jobs. 


Entrepreneurs their journey with call center
Entrepreneurs  their journey with call center


This is a complete myth. The call center industry is also like other industries which run on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and other latest trending technology, hence to run a call center successfully this industry demands intelligent and Brainiac people.

In today’s blog, we will know about 5 highly skilled entrepreneurs who started their journey by working in a call center and gaining experience and insights further to build their own venture.

But before jumping to the main topic, first, we will understand a little about Call Center

What is a Call Center?

When we talk about a call center, people understand it as a place that handles customer calls day and night, especially in India. But this is partially correct, Call Centers do much more than just handle inbound calls. 

Call Center can be defined as :

“Call Center is a setup that is designed to handle inbound and outbound calls or chats to connect with customers for advertising, telemarketing and resolving customer issues, etc.”

Now let’s uncover the main topic “Entrepreneurs started journey with call center”

Entrepreneurs started journey with call center

Although there are many entrepreneurs who started their journey by either working in a call center or building a call center. In the blog below we will discuss some well-known entrepreneurs who started their careers by working in a call center and after gaining experience and understanding of the customer service industry they launched their own venture.

1. Nithin Kamath :

Nithin Kamath is the founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Zerodha an online stock trading firm in India. 

Nithin, who was very fond of trading since his teenage years, started his career as a telesales executive in a Call Center for 3 years from January 2001- June 2004. 

He gained experience in customer service and different technology tools while working in call centers and perhaps this experience is the reason for Zerodha’s high customer satisfaction rate as compared to other trading portals.

2. Ritesh Agarwal :

Ritesh Agarwal is one of the youngest billionaires from India and the founder and CEO of the world’s most affordable hotel chain, OYO Rooms. 

He also started his career by selling SIM cards while working in a call center. It was his love for software and technology that he built a platform like OYO. In an interview, he admitted that the experience he has gained by working in a call center and selling SIM cards creates a salesman approach to it.

He gained experience in customer service and hospitality while working at the call center, which eventually led him to create OYO Rooms.

3. Kunal Bahl :

The 3rd in this list is Kunal Bahl, who is the co-founder and CEO of the e-commerce firm Snapdeal.

He also started his career in various call centers, where he gained insight and experience in the marketplace, customer satisfaction, and e-commerce operations. This experience laid the foundation for the e-commerce firm’s snap deal.

4. Vijay Shekhar Sharma :

Vijay Sekhar Sharma, Founder, and CEO of India’s leading Fintech company Paytm. He started his career in the early 2000s as a Call center employee and used to sell value-added services like astrology, songs, hello tunes, and more. His stint was however not so long but he gained insights and experience on how to run a business, customer service, and the profit and loss of the company.

His experience in the call center industry led him to build the leading financial technology company Paytm. \

5. Deep Kalra:

Deep Kalra, is the founder and CEO of travel giant, Makemytrip.com. Deep Kalra also started working in a call center before setting up his own venture, this is why MakeMyTrip’s customer success rate is high.


These entrepreneurs are such examples of how working in a call center environment can provide valuable knowledge, customer insights, and business experience, which can lay the foundation to start ventures, irrespective of the sector.

Entrepreneurs their journey with call center


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