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How to Avoid Job Scam in Call Center

With the rise in online job portals, agencies, and job consultancies, fraud, and scams have also doubled in rate. 

Daily tons of job websites and consultancies are registered on the internet, so for a job seeker who is desperately searching for a job, it is tough to identify which job is genuine and which is not, because almost every consultancy has a corresponding name. On top of that, these days scammers have become so smart and tech-savvy that they can easily target job seekers even educated ones as well.

Tips on How to Avoid Job Scams in Call Center
How to Avoid Job Scams


In today’s blog of Call Center Talks, we are sharing some proven Tips on how to avoid job scam in Call Center which can help you avoid a Job Scam.

Without further ado, let’s start with the topic:

How to Avoid Job Scam in Call Center

Here are 5 proven Tips to Avoid Job Scam in Call Center:

1. Legit Consultancies never ask for Money:

The first indication of a fraud job consultancy is asking for money from a job seeker. This money they may ask you to pay in the form of registration fees, refundable security amount, or consultancies charges.

Often asking for a registration amount or a refundable security amount is an easy trap because of the reason that these charges are as low as 200 rs (depending on the negotiation with jobseeker), but what happened next is more worrisome. After paying this registration amount they would ask for more money to process your application further and the next round of interviews and the job seeker in the greed of getting a decent job pays them whatever they ask.

This is the process they use to cheat or fraud jobseekers.

While the truth is that you need not pay even a single penny to a job consultant or job agency as there is no legit consultancy in the market who asks for money rather they take their money form the job companies for which they hire the candidates.

“A Genuine job consultancy never asks for Money.”

2. Spell Check of Job emails:

The other reason why most innocent job seekers or candidates easily get trapped in the scam is not checking the spelling errors and other writing issues in job emails.

Often one of the common mistakes done by job scammers is not writing the job emails in a professional manner and as a vigilant candidate you can easily figure out some common errors outlined below:

  • Frequent spelling errors in the body of the email.
  • Indentation or space is not the same in the body of the email.
  • The font type/size of the content is not the same across the mail.
  • Use of casual words, and emojis in the email.

In addition to the above-mentioned common error, one major mistake done by the fake job consultancies is the spelling error in the sender’s email address 

“Always look closely and do a spell check for the job offer mail received by the job consultancies.”

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3. Coinciding name with renowned job portals:

Many fake job consultancies create email addresses with names similar to some well-known job portals like Naukri.com, Shine.com Monster.com, or time jobs.com to trap innocent job seekers.

The reason why job seekers easily get trapped in this method is that most of the people who are actively looking for job change, search jobs on all these trusted renowned job portals and also update their resumes from time to time. So when a job-related mail lands in their inbox from a similar mail address they easily fall for their trap thinking that this mail is in response to the applied job post and mail is legit.

As suggested above as well whenever you receive mail related to a job, job offer, or from a recruitment consultancy always check for spelling errors, especially in the domain name.

Look at the below example for reference. We have taken an online job portal monster to exemplify:

email address 1: hrrecruiter@timesjobscom

email address 2: hrrecruiter@timesjob.com

You can easily identify the email of a fake job consultancy by looking at the mail address closely. The 2nd email contains an error wherein the domain name timesjob.com letter “s” is misplaced.

“Assured to look closely to the root domain for the job offer mail received by the job recruiters.”

4. Promise a high salary with no skill set:

One traditional and common pattern we have seen over the years about fake consultancies or recruiters is that they will always try to lure a candidate by offering a high salary as compared to the market trend for similar roles.

Job seekers or candidates, especially from small cities easily fall for the trap as their main aim is to get a high-paying job instead a quality job or a job with the right skill set.

Here candidates or job seekers should use their discretion and understand that if you do not have any specific skill set then you cannot expect a high salary irrespective of the industry and if you want a high salary then they should generate new skills.

“Achieving a high salary requires a strong skill set.

5. Assured Job Guarantee:

The final tip to identify a job scam is job assurity given by a recruiter. If you are experienced in a professional environment you must be aware that no legit consultancy or job agency can promise you a job assurity irrespective of industry or job role and if you are a novice to the professional world then you must understand that if a consultancy is providing job assurity it means that this is a trap and job consultancy is not legit.

“Job assurity can be deceptive and often indicates a job scam”.


I hope that after reading the tips on “how to avoid job scams in Call Center , you will understand how job scammers and fake consultancies attempt to deceive innocent job seekers, and also by implementing the tips mentioned above you will also learn how to avoid falling victim to job scams.”. With this hope, allow me to wrap up the blog.


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