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Myths and Facts about Call Center

Even though some people are making a lot of money from small tea shops nowadays, and others are learning entrepreneurship from it, there are still some who think of this work as insignificant. A similar perception is about the call center or BPO industry, where some people don’t see it as a job for dignified people. This creates a sense of inferiority among call center workers, which is unfortunate, especially for young people. Over time, certain misconceptions about the call center industry are created that have no logical basis.


Myths and Facts about Call Center Industry

Myths and Facts about Call Center Industry


In today’s blog, we will address common myths about the call center industry and fact-check these myths. I am sure by the end of this blog, you will have a better understanding of the truth behind these myths.

Without further ado, let’s start the topic ” Myths and Facts about Call Center  “

Myths and Facts about Call Center

Myth 1. No Career Path:

One common myth that there are no career path in the call center. However the fact is that this industry also offer the same promotion and career growth similar to other industries. After completion one year in a call center you can fill apply for IJP (Internal Job Posting) to seek promotion. In few call centers, the eligibility to apply for IJP is just 6 months. So  Assuming if anyone fits with the eligibility criteria of IJP than they can easily get promoted in 6 months along with a decent salary hike.

These IJP offers promotion  in various department such as HR, Accounts, Quality. You can apply for the job posting based on your interest and convenience.

Fact :

There is a huge career path and growth in a call center, provided you meet into the eligibility criteria of the IJP

Myth 2. No Work- Life Balance:

Some people think that working in a call center means there is no personal life, while the truth is that you get a proper time to spent with your family and beloved ones. 

In certain situations, you may need to spend extra time at the call center or might be called in on your scheduled time off. However, this is not exclusive to the call center industry. IT professionals, for example, often work 12-14 hours in the office and may also come in on their days off or weekends.

If you are working in an International BPO you get 2 weekly offs and in domestic call center you get 6 week offs in a month, which is same as other industries, so there should not be any question about No Work – Life balance.

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Fact :

“Call center employees get the same time as other industries to spent with their family and friends.”

Myth 3. Night Shifts:

One of the most common myths about the call centers are that they operate only in night hours, however this is partially correct but not completely. If you are working in international shifts for US, UK or Australian client than you will have to be flexible as per their shift timings i.e. night or late night shifts as per the Indian Standard Timings. 

Below are some common shift timings you should be flexible to :

Shift Name Shift Timings (IST)
USA 6 PM – 3AM
Australian 4 PM- 1 AM
UK 2 PM -11 PM

However, if you are working in domestic call center especially in sales process than you will be allocated with day shift. In India general shift timings are 9 AM -6 PM (IST) and 80% of domestic call centers operate in general shifts.

Fact :

“Working in call center does not mean to work in night shifts, rather it depends on the geo and client you are working for.”

Myth 4. Place for Looser:

There is a common misconception amongst the people that individuals who are not good in studies join the call center. However this myth hold no truth. Today as call center industry is growing and expanding, it attracts intellectual individuals from various background.

Many entrepreneur started their journey either by working in call center of by establishing their own call center industry. In India one of the biggest example of such intellectual people who started their journey working as a call center representative is Nithin Kamath, the founder of Zerodha


Call center industry is like other industry which always demands for Brainiac people“.

Myth 5. Attending Calls Only :

One myth which I often hear from many people is that job of call center employee is to handle calls only and nothing else, however I always strongly deny this myth. The reason is that the job of a call center experts is not handling calls in every job role rather it depends on the nature of business. 

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So if you are interested in non- voice process you need not to take calls , rather you can handle customers via chat, messaging applications or by means of an email. Only if you have chosen the voice process you will have to attend calls.


Working in Call Center does not bound you to take calls, rather it depends on your own choice of process.


Here are 2 common FAQs  on “Myths and Facts about Call Center Industry “

What are 3 difficult things about working in Call Center?

1. People have this perception that employees working in call centers are incompetent in other fields, it is very difficult to explain to them that call centers are also a profession like other industries.

2. Working in Call Center means flexibility for rotational shifts and availability on your off days as well.

3. Less breather time.

How Stressful is a Call Center Job?

When you start you career as a customer service agent, the job might be bit difficult to continue due to its demanding nature but once you are habitual of it there is not such stress but yes on festive season you might experience fatigue and stressful due to high call volume.

I hope this blog on Myths and Facts about Call Center industry has helped you to understand the call center industry in deep . Still if you have any doubt and questions you can reach out to me at call

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