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What is Call Calibration Session in Call Center?

Every industry has a quality team to check whether the product and services are meeting the quality standard or not. In the Call center as well there is a dedicated quality team that checks the call quality or compliance. They adopt different processes and conduct sessions to gauge the quality or to improve the quality standard of a Call Center.


Call Calibration Session in Call Center
Call Calibration Session in Call Center


In today’s blog, we will talk about such a call quality process in detail, which is used to improve call quality and has many other benefits.

Without further ado. let’s start with today’s topic:

What is Call Calibration Session in Call Center?

Call or Chat Calibration session in Call Center is conducted by Quality Team and can be defined as:

A Session conducted between Ops, Training, and Quality, whose prime goal is to improve the call quality and minimize the quality scores variation by auditing and rating a call/chat on different parameters“.

Benefits of Call Calibration Sessions

The prime goal of a Calibration Session is to reduce variance in quality scores audited by different departments. Let’s discuss the benefits of Calibration sessions in a call center.

1. Improvement in Metrics:

The ultimate goal of conducting regular calibration sessions is to improve the score of call/chat quality. By conducting regular calibration sessions a call center can identify top call or chat drivers and sub-drivers.

By analyzing these drivers, not only do you improve the call quality, but can also bring improvement in other metrics like AHT, NPS, and CSAT.

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2. Knowledge Check:

Regular calibration sessions are a good practice to check the process knowledge of call center agents. When we audit a chat for calibration sessions and every department has rated the quality scores low it means that a particular agent has a process knowledge gap for which correcting measures should be taken to bridge the gap.


Knowledge Check
Knowledge Check


Not only agents but when we observe a huge variance in the quality scores of all departments it signifies that teams are not on the same page in terms of process knowledge.

3. Reducing Variance:

As mentioned earlier that the prime goal of conducting calibration sessions is to reduce the variance of quality scores. 

The process of conducting a calibration session includes auditing a common call or chat by different departments i.e. Ops, Training, and Quality, and further scoring the call on different soft skills and knowledge parameters. During the initial calibration sessions, we might observe a (huge) variance between the scores of the department, but when we conduct regular calibration sessions every department understands the scoring pattern of every parameter hence after a couple of weeks you can observe less of zero variance.

4. Identifying Outliers:

The other benefit of conducting regular Calibration Sessions is identifying outliers. While auditing the chat for calibration sessions you may find a few agents that despite being tenure do not have enough product knowledge, lack soft skills or casually speak with customers.

Identifying Outliers by call Calibration BPO
Identifying Outliers

You may also find a few chats which come under ZTP (Zero Tolerance Policy). e.g. abusive or profane language with the customer, threatening to the customer, or asking for confidential details.

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5. Insights for process improvement:

By conducting frequent calibration sessions, we can also identify gaps in the process flow and share recommendations with the client to change the flow for process improvement.

As a whole, with the help of calibration sessions and their above-mentioned benefits, we can generate insights for process improvement.


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