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How to Calculate AHT in Call Center

A call center’s performance can be measured on different metrics. These metrics are also useful for identifying agent performance and delivering high customer satisfaction.


Calculate AHT in Call Center
How to Calculate AHT in Call Center


One of the key metrics which is common across all domains is AHT i.e. Average Handling Time. In the Call center, the AHT metric plays a big role to deliver high customer satisfaction.

In this blog today we are going to discuss AHT metrics and the formula to calculate Average Handling Time

Without further ado let’s start the topic.

How to Calculate AHT in a Call Center, but before moving ahead let’s understand what is AHT.

What is AHT?

AHT stands for Average. Handling Time. AHT is interchangeably used with the term ACHT i.e. Average Chat Handling Time when we have to calculate AHT for a chat process.

AHT can be best defined as the “duration of talk time between a customer care representative and a customer including hold time and wrap time.”

AHT is one of the few metrics in the call center which is important in both inbound as well as outbound processes.

Often, for Inbound processes call centers aim for a low AHT to control call/chat abandoned rate and intake the maximum number of calls.

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For Outbound processes such as sales, and collection call centers aim for high AHT to increase the engagement rate between the telesales executive and the customer resulting in more leads and sales.

Now let’s discuss:

How to Calculate AHT in Call Center

The calculation of AHT depends on 3 sub metrics or elements:

1. Talk Time

2. Hold Time

3. Wrap or ACW Time

The formula for AHT Calculation:

(Talk Time + Hold Time + Wrap Time )/ Total Number of Calls.

Now let’s understand these 3 elements in brief:

1. Talk Time:

Total Duration between an active call connected to the call center agent and after the end of the conversation hang up by the customer.

2. Hold Time:

The total time duration when the call was placed on hold by the customer service agent.

3. Wrap Time:

Wrap Time is also commonly known as ACW (After Call Work) Time. Wrap time is calculated from the time the call or chat is disconnected and the agent starts preparing tags or notes to summarize the call and dispose of the call finally to get ready for the next call.

Let’s understand the calculation by an example:

An agent takes 10 calls in a day. He spent 40 minutes talking to the customer, 5 mins to place calls on hold, and finally 15 mins to tag the calls. So as per the above formula, the AHT will be calculated :

( Talk Time +Hold Time + Wrap Time)/ Total Calls 

(40 +5+15 )/10 = 6 mins 

It means the AHT of the agent is 6 mins.


Calculate AHT in Call Center
Calculate AHT in Call Center

Weightage Average Handling Time:

But what if you have to calculate the Overall or Average AHT of an agent in the entire month?

To calculate the overall AHT or Average AHT of an agent in a month, we need to calculate the weighted AHT per day, because calculating the average AHT will furnish the average or average of AHT which is not precise.

Let’s understand a problem and the step by step solution


Need to calculate the process AHT of 5 agents with the total number of calls given. Below is the Excel sheet for reference :


Weighted AHT



Calculating the Average of all AHTs will result in an incorrect answer of  0:12:24, while the precise result will be 0:12:23

Let’s calculate how?

Step 1: Calculate the Weighted AHT :

To calculate the Weighted AHT Multiply the Calls column to the AHT column and keep the result in a new column name “Weighted AHT”. See the illustration below :

Calculate the Weighted AHT
Calculate the Weighted AHT


Step 2: Sum of Columns :

Take the sum of both the columns i.e. Call and Weighted AHT. See the Illustration below:

Summation of Weighted AHT
Summation  Weighted AHT


Step 3: Calculate the AHT :

To calculate the AHT Divide Sum of the Weighted AHT column to the Sum of the Calls Column.

Sum of Weighted AHT / Sum of Calls :


Sumproduct Weigthed AHT
Weighted AHT 


You can also use the SUMPRODUCT formula to directly calculate the weighted AHT.

I hope that through this blog all your questions related to the AHT and Calculation of AHT in Call center are answered, still if you have any questions ,  please write them in the comment box. I will happy to answer them.


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