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Important Tests for a Call Center Interview

In today’s competitive environment, selecting the right candidate from a pool of skilled applicants has become challenging. This is particularly true in the customer service industry, where clients have high expectations and demand highly skilled candidates even for executive-level positions.



3 Important Tests for a Call Center Interview
3 Important Tests for a Call Center Interview


If you have ever attempted any Call Center or BPO Interviews then you must have gone through some aptitude or English communication skills test.

In this blog today, we are going to discuss 3 common tests that are conducted by most organizations especially call centers to hire the right candidate.

Below are 3 common and important assessments conducted in call centers and other customer service industries:

  1.  AMCAT
  3.  Typing Test

Without further ado, let’s discuss these competitive tests in brief. But before jumping to the main topic “Important Tests for a Call Center Interview”, let’s understand what is the purpose of conducting these assessments.

Purpose of Conducting Tests?

The core purpose of conducting these tests is to “check the logical ability, aptitude mindset, command over English Communication Skills, and typing skills of a candidate.”

Now, that you have the idea ” Why these assements are conducted .Let’s discuss the main topic now :

Important Tests for a Call Center Interview


One of the common tests conducted by most of the call centers for the leadership and basic role is AMCAT. AMCAT is an abbreviation of Aspiring Minds Common Adaptive Test”. AMCAT is an aptitude test for candidates to assess their logical and quantitative capabilities. 




The Syllabus of AMCAT primarily consists of 4 sections:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • English Communication Skills
  • Logical Ability
  • Information Gathering

While conducting the AMCAT test, the interviewer may tweak questions as per the role and domain but the core syllabus remains the same for every role. 

Quick Tip💡to clear AMCAT:

“Practice the test multiple times, before attempting the real one. There is no limit to attempting the test in a day, but you can attempt it only once in 45 days.”

As mentioned above if you are applying for a leadership role in a Call center or BPO you must have to clear the AMCAT test for further processing of your candidature.


The second mandate test conducted by most of the call centers is the VERSANT test. The VERSANT test is conducted to assess a jobseeker’s English Communication Skills

VERSANT test is conducted with the help of IVR i.e. Interactive Voice Response in which the candidate has to follow the directions and answer the questions generated by IVR.




To clear the Versant Test a candidate has to go through with below 3 sections:

  • Repeat the Sentence
  • Close-ended or short answer questions
  • Sentence Rearrangement

Quick Tip💡 to clear VERSANT:

“To clear the Versant test it’s advised to appear for the test in an uncrowded environment.”

In Call Centers or BPOs, especially renowned BPOs like TCS, Infosys, Accenture, and CNX nowadays the mandate to clear VERSANT for all levels if you are applying for a leadership role.

Check the complete tutorial about VERSANT Test by clicking on the link 👉 How to clear Versant Test

3. Typing Test:

The 3rd important test which is conducted by most BPOs, especially when hiring candidates for the non-voice process is a Typing test.




If you are also looking to get a job in a non-voice process then you must clear the typing test before getting into the process.

Often, irrespective of the process BPO recruiters prefer the candidate having good English communication skills as well as a decent typing speed. 

A decent typing speed is 35 wpm with 95% accuracy but depends further on specific processes and client requirements.

Quick Tip💡 to master Typing Speed:

“Keep practicing on free software such as TypingMaster, Typing.com etc.”


While the above-mentioned assessments are important for every industry but in the customer service industry preparing for these assessments becomes more necessary as in the customer service industry, ensuring customer satisfaction is a top priority. 

In this context, recruiters seek candidates who not only have a customer-centric mindset but also possess strong English communication skills and demonstrate logical thinking abilities.



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