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Steps to Choose the Right Career Path

It’s crucial to pick the best career path at the right time because failing to do so can have negative consequences for your future.

In this blog, we are sharing Steps to Choose the right career path for yourself. These steps are on the basis of an individual self-assessment on 5 major parameters.

We are hopeful that after reading this blog you will be able to pick the right career path for yourself.

Steps to Choose the Right Career Path
Steps to Choose the Right Career Path


Steps to Choose the Right Career Path

1. Area of Interest:

One of the main steps to choose the right career path is finding the area of interest. The first thing you need to do is assess yourself and find your area of interest. Self-assessment is the primary key to resolving this puzzle. When you analyze yourself you find your area of interest and passion. 

Nowadays with so many ed-tech platforms available online and offering courses in almost every interest, it’s easy to get in the trap. 


Area Of interest
Area of Interest


Nevertheless while considering your area of interest and finally planning to opt for the career, we advise you to keep in mind the following factors as well.

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2. Education Background:

Once you’ve discovered your “area of interest,” it’s essential to take into account your educational background as well. When you’re in the process of choosing the right career and exploring various resources, you might stumble upon an area that sparks your interest. However, it could be a field that is increasingly advertised but not directly aligned with your educational background.


Educational Background
Educational Background


Hence while choosing the right career path you also need to consider your educational background so that you have at least the fundamental knowledge of that domain.

Let’s understand it by an example.

Nowadays you can see there are tons of ads everywhere that data science or machine learning career is booming. While this statement is valid, some ed-tech platforms may oversell their courses without considering eligibility criteria. They might claim that one doesn’t require a coding background to enroll, which is not entirely accurate.

The fact is that if you want to make a career in the Data Science domain then “you should have an intermediate level of coding and technical knowledge or at least basic knowledge of coding.”

3. Financial background:

We discussed Educational Background. Now let’s also understand while choosing the right career why you should also consider the financial background as well?


financial background
financial background


After analyzing your area of interest and educational background if you find that you are good with both parameters, it’s time to asses your financial back-ups.

Keep in mind that some courses you wish to pursue might be outside your budget or not affordable for your parents. While taking a loan is a viable option, it’s essential to be cautious about borrowing too much from the bank. Repaying a loan amount can become challenging after a certain period, so it’s important to make a careful decision in this regard.

4. Future of the domain:

While considering the above factors, one factor which is overlooked by most of the students is the “Future of the domain“. You must consider the future of the specific field, that you are considering as a career. 


Future of the domain
Future of the Domain


You can understand this through two recent major incidents:

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on various industries such as aviation, hospitality, and travel agencies. Many of these sectors are facing significant financial challenges and are on the brink of collapse.

Another significant event is the revolution of Chat GPT. This development poses a threat to certain professions, including customer service representatives, salespeople, and analysts.

If you read the recent news in which the CEO of an Indian e-commerce portal “Dukaan” fired 90% of the employees just because “Chat GPT” was able to do all the work efficiently that 100 of staff were doing as a whole.

You can read the full article here:

Dukaan CEO Summit Shah Fires 90% of Staff

5. Side Hustle.

“Follow your passion” is good but in today’s era of the Chat GPT revolution, you can not depend on one income. For a good livelihood and stable future you must create a side hustle. 


Free Lancing


Hence while considering the career to opt for, it is very important to also analyze the career from a side hustle prospect, which means choose a career in which after a good experience you can create a side business from it like through freelancing, YouTube video or blog you can share your knowledge and expertise.

Certain domains such as coding, analytics, and project management have enduring demand when it comes to creating side hustles. These fields offer ample opportunities for freelancing and other side hustle activities. On the other hand, domains like aviation, marine, and others have comparatively limited scope in the realm of side hustles.

I hope this short blog on Steps to choose the right career path will certainly give you some insights to make career decision. With that hope, allow me to wrap up today’s blog and I will meet you with a new blog.

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