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Importance of Role Play Sessions in Call Center

Call Center aka BPO is a customer-driven industry. Hence to deliver a high CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) the call center staff, especially call center agents must be trained in a customer-service environment. Needless to say, every call center designs certain programs and conducts sessions to train and coach the staff to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Role Play Sessions in Call Center
Role Play Sessions in Call Center


One of the common sessions conducted by every call center, irrespective of the process is “Role Play” Sessions.

So, in today’s blog, we are going to discuss the “Importance of Role-Play Sessions in Call Centers”. 

In addition to this, we will also cover the below topics in detail:

  • What is Role Play Session in Call Center?
  • How to Conduct a Role–Play Session?
  • Purpose of conducting Role – Play Session

Without further ado, let’s start with the topic :

Importance of Role Play Sessions in Call Center

Before diving deep into the Importance of Role Play Sessions, let’s understand:

What is a Role-Play Session in a call center?

As the name suggests Role-Play in Call Center refers to the “Sessions conducted to help new agents on how to deal with customer queries, with a coach acting as a customer.”

Role-play exercises have the flexibility that either a coach or fellow agent can be a customer and the agent to role play himself, or vice-versa.

Let’s move to the next topic

How to Conduct a Role–Play Session?

Role-play sessions are generally conducted by TNQ i.e. Training and Quality team. These sessions are conducted with a few scripts and product material, but you can create a one-pager “Role-Play Huddle Guide” for the easy understanding of agents. The idle “Role-Play” Huddle guide should contain:

  • Purpose
  • Role Play Scenarios
  • Discussion Strategies
  • Demonstrate

To ideally conduct a Role-play session, the trainer gives a common scenario (scenarios from live calls) to the batch and can appoint anyone from the group to role-play as a customer and the other fellow agent to role-play as a live agent.

Post-completion of the Role-Play exercise for the specific call, the trainer analyzes the call and highlights the areas of improvement.

Now the main question comes What is the:

Importance of conducting Role-Play sessions

There are 3 major benefits or importance to conducting the role-play session.



Importance of Role Play Sessions in Call Center
Importance of Role Play Sessions in Call Center


1. New Hire Training:

One of the primary uses of Role Play is to train the new hire agents and expose them to real-time scenarios. Often the Role play sessions are part of training ternary and conducted towards the end of the training period.

Irrespective of the process like sales, inbound, and outbound, you are hired for, the role-play sessions are an integral part of the training.

These sessions are very helpful, especially to those trainees who have no experience in the call center or customer service industry.

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2. Improve the BQ Performance :

BQ (Bottom Quartile) outliers are the first to be identified when the performance of any process drops down. Post identifying the Outliers, analyze the root cause . In most cases, it will be either an issue with soft skills or a lack of product knowledge. In either case, one of the best recommendations to improve the BQ performance is to Conduct role-play sessions huddle in a timely manner.

You can use pre shift or post shift timings to conduct the Role-play huddle session.

3. Improving Soft Skills:

One of the main benefits of conducting Role Play huddle sessions is to improve the soft skills of agents. During live interaction with customers, an agent may face different natures of customers. In some cases, an agent may face an irate customer. In such situations agent must be proficient in soft skills to pacify the customer.

As mentioned above Role-Play sessions are very important during the training period and should be part of the training itinerary.



Hope, this blog was able to answer all the doubts related to role play sessions. 

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