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How to find work-from-home jobs near me?

In recent times, especially after COVID the concept of “Work from Home” has become immensely popular. One of the main advantages of Work from home jobs are flexibility to create own work environment. With advancements in technology, remote job options have expanded across various industries. Now, work from work-from-home jobs are not limited to coding or tech-savvy jobs but have also expanded to customer service, sales, lead generation, and other domains.

work from home jobs near me
Work from Home jobs near me

The more comfort you feel after getting a work-from-home job, the more difficult it is to find work-from-home jobs. So, In today’s blog, we will share with you 5  job portals and YouTube channels that will certainly help you in getting work-from-home jobs near me.

Without further ado let’s start with “How to find work-from-home jobs near me ?”

How to find work from home jobs near me?

Before diving into the search part, let’s first understand why employees are so crazy about work-from-home jobs. Below are the top 5 reasons why every employee is searching for work from home jobs.

  1. Environment flexibility
  2. Improved Work- Life Balance
  3. Increased Productivity
  4. Cost Saving
  5. Focus on Studies

Now, let’s talk about 5 top job portals and channels that provide work from home opportunities near me.

1. Simply Hired :

Simply Hired is a popular employment website founded in 2003. This is an American website and apart from English also available in many languages like  Chinese, French, Italian, etc. In India, this website is a little unpopular as other Indian websites like Naukri and Shine are already popular but if you are searching for jobs by distance or job type then Simply Hired is the best among all.

To search for remote jobs you can type “Remote” in the City box . find below the snapshot for same :

Along with the job details, you also get the estimated salary for all the job offerings. This job portal is primarily focused on jobs related to tech such as data science, IT, and Software jobs.

The main feature of this website is that you can search for jobs by distance, job type ( full time/part-time/ internship ), and date-wise.

Visit the link for more details : https://www.simplyhired.co.in/

2 @jobsearchguru4u:

This is a famous Youtube channel owned by Mr. Harish Singh where you can get latest job updates and interview material for domains like data science, data analytics, business analytics, full stack developer etc.

The main feature of this channel is that you get weekly updates on recent job posting and along with the job details you also get job application link and free consultation by the HR team.

Mr. Harish also assists personally to get the job. to Subscribe the channel click on the link :www.youtube.com@jobsearchguru4u

Addition you can also follow below social link to get the daily job updates :

Instagram: www.instagram.com/jobsearchguru4u

Facebook page : www.facebook.com/jobsearchguru4u

3. Linked in :

work from home jobs near me
work from home jobs near me

LinkedIn is a one of the most popular and  professional networking platform that allows individuals to connect with colleagues, professionals, and also provides opportunity to connect with recruiter or employer.

As per the last year survey Linked in has more than 900 million members from a total of 190 countries and regions. In India specifically , there are more than 100 million users i.e 19 % of overall , and is the second most country in terms of searching the job over LinkedIn .

Click on the link to visit :https://www.linkedin.com/

4. FlexJobs :

One of the most top rated job portals in recent days, especially dedicated to Remote or Work From Home Jobs is Flex Jobs . As per a recent survey globaly ,in 2022 flex jobs has the second number of user traffic after LinkedIn. Felx jobs website not only helps in finding the best remote and work from home jobs near me but also you can seek for career advice from experience career counsellor also there are numerous articles on how to get the right jobs and other interview related questions, that too absolutely free.

Learn More about Flex Jobs by clicking the link here : Flex Jobs.

5. Indeed :

Indeed is undoubtedly one of the famous job portals for searching REMOTE or work from home job opportunities. It has a simple menu bar where you can put your desired locality or choose “REMOTE” and select the skills or employer name you are looking for the job. Additionally you can also compare the salary and other benefits provided by the peer employers.

You can also download the Indeed application from Playstore and IOS

Learn more about Indeed

Now, its time for some FAQs

FAQs :

How to find “work from home jobs near me” easily ?

As explained above top 3 most suggest channels to find work from home jobs easily are:

  1. Linkedin
  2. @Jobsearchguru4u
  3. Indeed

What salary I can get  from “work from home jobs” ?

You can get salary as per the skills . If you are good at coding skills or any other specified skills you can easily earn  1 laks -1.5 laks per month


On this node , allow me to wrap up today’s article. In case you need any assistance related to job or interview you can mail us at callcenter26@gmail.com.

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