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Roles and Responsibilities of a Call Center Manager

Customer Service  is one of the fastest-growing industries in India. Every enterprise prefers to outsource the customer service segment to the call centers or BPOs,

In every call center there is a SPOC (Single Point of Contact) who is accountable to drive the performance metrics, people management and  also in case of any escalations by customer should be ready to resolve it quickly. This POC is known as Operations Manager or Call Center Manager.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Call Center Manager
Roles and Responsibilities of a Call Center Manager

In addition to above mentioned tasks a Call Center Manager  is also accountable for few other roles which we will discuss in details further in this blog.

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So in today’s blog, we will explore  “Roles and Responsibilities of a Call Center Manager “.

Before jumping in to the roles and responsibilities , first understand Who is a Call Center manager

Who is a Call Center manager ?

A Call Center Manager plays a pivotal role in a call center. The Call Center Manager can be described as :

“An individual who is accountable for a specific process’s performance improvement, people management, manpower planning, client interaction and day to day operational activity.”

In short a call center Manager is ” whole and sole” of a process.

Now, Let’s explore some key Roles and responsibilities of a call center Manager” 

Roles and Responsibilities of a Call Center Manager

1. Call Center Metrics :

Call center metrics are key performance indicators used to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of customer service operations.

One of the major duties assigned to a call center manager is to achieve “Call Center Metrics “. In general, a call center is required to achieve the target of certain call metrics often include parameters such as AHT, SLA, CSAT, NPS etc. as signed under the contract. Failing  to achieve may lead to penalty and other consequences.

A Call Center Manager is the

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2. Client Interaction:

Client interaction is a crucial aspect of business relationships, requiring effective communication and understanding of their needs. Client Interaction or Client management is one of the required key skills for every call center manager. A Call center manager is not just an accountable individual for performance rather a representative of the particular call center hence he/she should be a good hand in client interaction.

Every call center prioritizes Client communication as one of the first skills for a call center manager position in their job description column.

3. People Management :

Every leader ,irrespective of the industry should have one major skill i.e. People Management. Especially in call center where manpower plays a paramount role in business growth and customer satisfaction. Managing a call center team requires more than just overseeing tasks.  This involves understanding employees, creating a positive work environment, managing leaves and shrinkage and provide support to agents whenever required.

A Call center manager is responsible for the adherence of daily manpower required by the client. 

Responsibilities of a Call Center Manager……………..

4: Attending Business Reviews :

Business reviews play a crucial role in reviewing business performance, growth and loophole in the process. In addition to that, timely performance reviews not only helps help in building trust and credibility but also serve as a valuable feedback loop for continuous improvement, fostering transparency and accountability.

In call center there are 2 types of reviews conducted :

  1. Internal
  2. External

Internal reviews are conducted by the internal management of call center like , MDs, COOs, VPs etc. while External reviews are conducted by the client and process stakeholders to review the performance, provide feedback and roadmap to achieve the metrics.

Frequency of business reviews depend on nature of the business and current performance status of the process.

As a Call Center  manager it is your prime responsibility is to be part of all reviews, irrespective of the workload.

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5. Operations Liaisons :

Another major responsibility performed by a call center manager is to communicate the message of management to call center agents and vice versa. It means “When there’s a new rule or update, the Call Center Manager is the one who tells agents. If agents have problems with things like salary or facilities, the manager speaks up for them to the higher management, including HR, IT, and other departments.”

In short A call center or operations manager plays an important role by bridging the communication distance between the two parties.

A Call Center manager plays a role of a bridge between Call Center Agents and Management

Hence if you want to become a call center manager it is necessary that a you possess the quality of  a good communicator.


I hope this blog on “Roles and Responsibilities of a Call Center Manager” has answered all your queries related to the duties of a Call Center Manager or commonly known as Operations Manager  . Still if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to me at callcentertalks26@gmail.com

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