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RTM and its benefits in Call Center

Monitoring real-time agents’ activity is very imperative in optimizing call center operations. In call center, one of the tools used in monitoring agents’ performance and other activities is RTM.

RTM plays a crucial role during call center operations, improving call/chat quality and improving the overall customer experience.

RTM and its benefits in Call Center
RTM and its benefits in Call Center

In this blog today we will delve deep into RTM and its benefits in Call Center.

Before jumping to the main topic let’s first understand What is RTM in Call Center?

What is RTM in the Call Center?

RTM stands for Real-Time Monitoring/Management. As the name refers RTM is an agent performance monitoring tool. RTM can be defined as  :

A tool that allows to tracking and monitor call center agents’ real time call activity, and other call center metrics.

With the help of the RTM (Real-time Monitoring) tool, managers not only track agent’s performance but also control and improve the call center metrics.

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Further in this blog, we will discuss 5 major benefits of the RTM tool in call center 

RTM and its benefits in Call Center

1. Agent Monitoring :

Keeping track of call center representative’s real-time activity is very imperative for ensuring efficiency, monitoring performance, and delivering optimal customer service. Because representatives are the backbone of a call center project, without tracking them problems can arise which can not only result in customer dissatisfaction but also client dissatisfaction.

There are several benefits of monitoring an agent’s activity and performance, in short  :

Call center agent monitoring boosts productivity, enhances service quality, ensures compliance, fosters accountability, and enables timely performance feedback.

2. Improve metrics and Productivity :

Call center metrics such as AHT, CSAT, and NPS are measurements of a call center’s efficiency and success. RTM (Real-time monitoring tool ) allows team leaders and managers to track the performance of agents based on call center metrics which then help to control the overall metric and performance of call center.

Let’s understand it with an example

👉  Suppose in a specific time interval there is a sudden spike in call volume which leads to an increase in abandoned metrics, which can be mitigated by aligning additional manpower, holding the breaks for a while, or lowering the AHT, all these cures can be implemented only when are monitoring the queue rigorously which can only be possible with the RTM tool.

Read the full blog on How to control abandoned in Call Center.

RTM also helps managers to identify bottlenecks or areas where agents may need additional support. If an agent is doing working practices,  real-time feedback and support can help in correcting mistakes and improving performance.

Monitoring agents closely improves productivity and overall call center performance.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience:

When you keep track of the agent’s performance and all the call center metrics are green then obviously the customer experience will be improved. RTM tool can also help enhance customer experience


Let’s understand

RTM monitoring enables a call center to track the call volume and staffing required to handle the volume. As per the call volume managers guide experts to respond quickly to customer needs. This leads to shorter wait times, quicker problem resolution, and ultimately, a better customer experience.

4. Identifying / Track outliers:

One of the major benefits of the RTM tool is to identify and track outliers. As mentioned above, the RTM tool can help you track the agent’s metric-wise performance and real-time activity such as AHT, Wrap Time, Idle time, etc. If you suspect an agent doing some malicious activities you can track the activity of that specific agent or group of agents for a time frame and can act accordingly.

Often in call centers, outlier agents perform illegal activities :

  • Toggling the dialer to increase the idle time
  • High After-call work time after every call
  • High Hold time on every call

5. Real-time Agent Support :

RTM tool is very beneficial for experts who need real-time assistance, especially in the case of new employees who need handholding. With the help of the RTM ( Real Time Monitoring ) tool, you can track all agents’ activity (on-call and after-call) which allows you to focus on agents with High AHT or High ACW (After Call Work ) Time.

RTM tool also allows you to cluster agents based on tenure and for new hire agents you can create a separate group to track, and if an agents need specific training or support then a team leader or coach can provide the support.

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, some other benefits of the RTM tool are:

  • Cost Savings
  • High Visibility
  • Decision making
  • Manpower Planning

Conclusion :

In conclusion, considering the aforementioned benefits, the RTM tool proves invaluable, fostering satisfaction among clients, customers, employees, and management alike, serving as a remedy for enhancing overall operational efficiency and customer experience.

Time for some FAQs on “RTM and its benefits in Call Center” ?


What is real-time management in the call center?

RTM is a tool that helps keep track of agents’ activity, improve performance, and enhance customer experience.

What is the role of RTM in BPO?

The primary Role of RTM is to track agents;s on call center and after-call activity.

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