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What is EWS in the Call Center

Although innovations and technological advancements have revolutionized the call center industry, the center pillar of the call center industry remains manpower. To retain talent and control attrition, the organization does everything possible. EWS is a kind of analysis that is a proactive approach to arrest the attrition issues.

This blog explores the role and benefits of EWS in the Call Center and the relationship between the call center and their dependency on manpower.

EWS in the Call Center
EWS in the Call Center

Without further ado, let’s start the topic “What is EWS in the Call Center”.

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Before understanding the role and benefits of EWS in the Call Center let’s first understand What is EWS.

What is EWS in the Call Center?

EWS is the abbreviation of Early Warning System. As the name refers EWS is an analysis performed by a call center to analyze the probable attrition in the organization. With the help of EWS analysis we can work on early actions to retain people or prevent such issues causing people leaving their jobs. EWS can be best defined as :

“A way of analyzing things that helps stop employees from leaving the company before it becomes a problem.”

EWS also commonly  known as RAG (Red, Amber , Green )Analysis or RYG (Red, Yellow, Green) Analysis.

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Now let’s understand how to perform EWS Analysis :

How to perform EWS Analysis

Performing EWS analysis involves a leader to prepare some topics/ questions to be discussed with the team  members or call center agents  so that potential issues, concerns, or signs of dissatisfaction can be identified early on.

Outlined below are 5 common questions/ topics should be covered by the leader during the session :

  1. Current Issues/ Concerns/ dissatisfaction related to company , policies, management , infra etc.
  2. Is the agent receiving proper Support from supervisor.
  3. Will the agent be associated with company for next 2 years ?
  4. Is the agent aware about the Career path/ roadmap in the company
  5. Any changes or feedback would like to implement

These questions are just for reference and may vary as per the job nature or comapny policies.

Now let’s discuss why EWS is an important process in Call Center industry

Importance/ Benefits of EWS in the Call Center

In this section we will cover, advantages of performing EWS Analysis in Call Center. To keep this blog short we will discuss about 5 Major advantages :

1.Probable Attrition :

As mentioned above the primary goal of EWS analysis is to identify probable attrition in the team /organization. Post reviewing the answers of the team members asked during the EWS session a team leader can  categorize team members in to 3 categories :

  1. Confirm Attrition
  2. Probable Attrition
  3. Stay connected with Company

Voluntarily , team leader can also color code 3 categories: with RED ( Confirm Attrition), AMBER ( Probable Attrition), GREEN  ( Stay Connected) which is commonly known as RAG Analysis.

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2.Employees Feedback :

Needless to mention, employees are the foundation of the comapny. By performing EWS analysis, an organization can also work on employee’s feedback which is very important for company’s growth.

When employees share their feedback/ inputs in EWS sessions about the company, policies, infrastructure, management etc. or some other valuable suggestions, the company can use their feedback to make changes and improve employee satisfaction. It will not only improve the E-SAT ( employee satisfaction ) but also helps to retain employees which is ultimate goal of EWS Analysis.

3.Cost Cutting :

One of the main benefits of the EWS analysis is help in Cost Cutting for the organization. As we mentioned above the with the help of EWS we can figure out agents who could be probable attrition and we know that in Call Center or BPO, there  are regular hiring needs,  but if we have precise numbers of requirements in hand hiring costs can be avoided significantly;.

In addition to new hiring requisition Early warning systems help minimize these costs by retaining valuable employees.

4. Leadership Development :

While performing Early Warning System analysis , a team leader can  identify team members associated with the company from a long tenure and also performing well on KPIs. A true leader can coach and mentor such employees to take on different leadership roles benefiting the company with their skills and motivate other agents to become leaders too.

5 . Performance Improvement :

EWS sessions can also help in improving performance. During EWS sessions we can identify employees who are not doing good with performance , means we can identify outliers. Post the session we can create plan of action and arrange coaching sessions for said outliers which will help in boosting performance.


In Conclusion we can says that by leveraging EWS i.e. Early Warning System exercise, call centers can be more proactive in terms of talent retention that will help in employee satisfaction, and overall organizational success and growth.

Now it’s time for FAQ segment . Let’s pick 3 most asked questions about ” EWS in the Call Center”

Q 1 .What does EWS stand for in call center?

EWS stands for Early Warning System

Q 2 .What is the EWS in BPO?

EWS in BPO is the process of identifying probable attrition.

Q 3 .What is RAG analysis in BPO?

RAG is the same as EWS. Both the terms can be used interchangeably in Call Center.

I hope this blog on ” EWS in the Call Center” has answered all your queries. Still if you have doubts and suggestion feel free to comment below or write us at callcentertalks26@gmail.com

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