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What is MIS in Call Center?

In the success of an organization, every department plays an important role. Irrespective of the domain and sector, to run a successful business it becomes necessary for all departments to mutually collaborate with each other. A BPO aka call center is also a blend of different departments such as Ops, Quality, WFM, L&D, etc. MIS is one of the key departments in a call center and plays a vital role in call center communication with the client. The primary role of a Call Center is to prepare dashboards and timely reports for stakeholders and leadership.

MIS in Call Center
MIS in Call Center

In this blog today we will delve deep into the Role of MIS in a Call Center but before that let’s understand

What is MIS in Call Center?

MIS is an acronym for “Management Information System”. The work nature of the MIS team can be unique for every organization as per their business needs. Now the question “What is MIS in the call center?” can be best answered as the “team that is primarily responsible for preparing and publish daily reports, dashboards and data management etc. is known as MIS team”.

The MIS department plays a paramount role in driving the call center’s performance. As mentioned above the primary role of an MIS department is to prepare reports, and dashboards and publish it to management and all stakeholders.

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In addition to preparing and publishing reports and dashboards there are several other tasks performed by MIS team in a Call Center. Let’s look at them one by one :

Tasks performed by MIS in Call Center

Although it depends on the organization and the nature of the jobs that MIS team  can perform how many tasks but in this blog we will discuss 5  major tasks performed by MIS in call center.

1. Data Analysis and Insight:

One of the major tasks performed by the MIS team is to perform “Data Analysis” . The MIS team analyzes the historical data trends and share insights with the stakeholders to provide them understanding what’s happening in and around the organization and the process. These analysis and insights help the organization to take business related visionary and fruitful decisions.

2. Software Management:

The MIS team is also responsible to manage the software tools related to performance, billing , invoice and attendance etc. In call center there are various software’s used in different department. The MIS team is also responsible to manage the inbound and outbound software tools (ACD or dialer) to extract the data to prepare reports and can also perform basic troubleshooting to fix the bug.

3. Attending Business Reviews :

Business reviews are necessary part of assessing performance and making informed decision for continuous improvement and growth. Especially in call center industry , which is a customer centric industry, these business reviews should be conducted in timely manner to review the performance of every department . Hence it becomes one of the core responsibilities of the MIS team ( or leader) to attend  business reviews  whenever conducted.

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4. Staff Roster :

Every Call center has a dedicated team to calculate manpower and roster planning, which is knowns as WFM or Work Force Management team but in some small or medium sized call centers the staff rostering and manpower planning can be performed by MIS team rather than WFM and some even volume forecasting activity is also performed by MIS team.

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5. Preparing performance reports and dashboards:

Performance reviews are an important part of an organization and should be conducted in timely manner , which not only provides the opportunity for an employee to receive recognition but also highlight areas where the organization needs more focus. Needless to say without any reports on your table we can review process’s performance. Hence it is the  primary task of a MIS team to prepare daily /weekly and other interval wise reports  and other ad-hoc reports as requested by client or Ops.

Dashboards provide one view pictorial presentation of the performance that can help the stakeholders to review the performance easily without diving in to the data. The MIS Team is also required to prepare dashboards on timely manner and whenever requested by the stakeholders and clients


In addition to above mentioned 5 major tasks, MIS team also perform various other tasks such as data management, dialer activity, data uploading and cleaning to name a few.

FAQs about MIS:

Let’s look at some FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) on MIS in call Center :

What do MIS do in BPO ?

  As mentioned above the primary Role of MIS in BPO or Call Center is to prepare  performance reports and dashboards and share it with    stakeholders  for performance review and other insights.

What is full Form Of MIS ?

MIS stands for Management Information System.

How Many reports MIS prepares ?

Often MIS is responsible to prepare performance report, dashboards, APR i.e Agent productivity report  and other reports as requested by  Ops and  other departments.


Readers, I hope after reading this blog your must have got answers to all the questions related to “What is MIS in Call Center?”. Still if you have any questions you can mention that in the comment box or also can reach me at

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