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How to Switch Careers from Call Center to Data Analytics

Data Analytics is one of the booming career choices. Attractive salaries, remote work, and overseas job opportunities are some key reasons why the “Data Analytics” industry is currently trending.  Although to become a data Analyst there is a structural roadmap, if you are switching to the data analyst domain from a different field, especially from a Call Center, the transition could be challenging.

In this blog today, we’ll discuss the prerequisites and challenges during the career transition and at the end will walk through with some valuable tips on How to Switch Careers from Call Center to Data Analytics field.


Switch Careers from Call Center to Data Analytics
Switch Careers from Call Center to Data Analytics

Before delving deep into the topic, let’s first understand both the industries i.e. Call Center and Data Analytics in brief :

1. Call Center :

Call Center also commonly known as BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is a “customer service industry that handles inbound and outbound calls of customers to resolve their queries (pre-sales, on-sales, or post-sales) and to generate leads for potential customers“.

A Call Center offers services in customer service,  verification, retention, and collection, etc.

2. Data Analytics :

Data Science can be explained in simple words as “analyzing data to extract meaningful insights from it , which can be helpful for business growth and vision.”

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Now let’s talk about the main topic:

How to Switch Careers from Call Center to Data Analytics

Probably every call center employee wants to get rid of typical call center life of  no work life balance, rotations shift, no scheduled week offs. With the current trend of data science every body wants to give it a try, especially call center employees. But switching a career is not as easy as it looks like, especially when you are opting for data science field.

It would take a tremendous deal of introspection and guidance especially if you have already spent crucial 8-10 years in your current field , its like boarding a plane which already took off.

Before jumping to the main topic i.e. “How to Switch Career from Call Center to Data Analytics”, let’s first understand 4 key points  to keep in mind  before switching to data science domain.

  1. Think Judiciously : Most of the working individual takes decision of switching career in the spur of the moment , when they are unhappy with the company, but it’s important to think about it carefully because this decision does not impact only individual’s life but of family members who are dependent on you. So Think Judiciously”.
  2. Educational Background : If not excellent, you should have a good knowledge of mathematics and statistics because data analytics and data science is  all about maths, statistics, and computer science, working together to extract insights and knowledge from data. Hence a good education background with basic knowledge of programming language , maths and stats are some pre requisite for the data science journey.
  3. Basic Coding Knowledge : Even though the ed tech platforms convince you to get the data science degree without any prior coding experience, the fact is that, as a data scientist or analyst you will have to deal with loads of data and perform data cleansing , organizing or scrapping activities , which can’t be done effectively without the knowledge of programming languages such as python, r, sql etc.
  4. Financial Goals: If you are in to your 30’s and in addition to your family members , you have financial responsibilities such as EMIs, loans, debts etc. then switching the career would not sound a great deal or not very easy as you need to devote your good amount of hours and money in learning data science course and have patience for a minimal of 1 year which can deviate you from your family responsibilities and financial goals.

If you are all set with your introspection and assessment to pursue the data science course than below mentioned 3 tips will be very helpful to Switch Careers from Call Center to Data Analytics

1. Be Consistent and focused :

If you are ready to start data analytics course than it’s time to tighten you belt and be focused towards your journey. One big mistake many aspirants do is that they get very excited in the beginning of the course but after 1 or 2 months when things start getting a bit difficult and the course seems to be tedious that they lose focus and  go out of track.

Hence if you really wish to transform to data science then “Be consistent and Focused.” throughout the course.

2. Attend Data Science / Analytics Webinars :

Before opting for any data science course you must attend few data science/ analytics webinars, these webinars are a great way to understand the significance of data science in modern technologies with real time use cases. These webinars are often led by Top Data Science Leaders  and tech leaders so you can learn a lot out of these webinars.

Most of the data science webinars are conducted by ed tech platforms or data science organizations and are free of cost.

3 .Learn Programming Skills :

If you are eagerly looking for a career switch in data science or analytics domain than you need to learn programming Skills. The Data Science filed is very vast and to become a successful data scientist of even a data analyst you need to have strong hands on programming languages. Below are some trending programming languages currently which is in high demand at present :

  1. PYTHON 
  2. R
  3. SQL
  4. C++
  5. Java Script.

For a full-fledged Data Science/Analytics Course you can checkout these top EdTech platforms upGrad, Coursera, Simplilearn 

Conclusion :

As mentioned above switching careers is a challenging journey, while it may hold the promise of new opportunities and professional growth but one need to decide it with full discretion as it may affect your entire career span.

I hope this blog has answered your all questions related to Switch Careers from Call Center to Data Analytics. Still if you need any help , don’t hesitate to drop your query at callcenter26@gmail.com

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