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Speech Analytics in Call Center

Whether you are a call center or a business owner looking to enhance your customer service experience, Speech Analysis is one of the significant analyses performed that can transform your customer service experience.

A Call center is a customer-centric industry and is focused on delivering high CSAT. To keep customers satisfied and meet call center metrics , the call center perform different kind of analyses. Some of them are Sentiment, Verbatim, Time and Motion, and Speech Analysis. All these analyses help the call center figure out what’s working well and what can be improved to make sure customers have the best experience possible.


Speech Analytics in Call Center
  Speech Analytics in Call Center

In this blog post, we will delve deep into Speech Analytics in Call Center and the major benefits of performing Speech analysis in BPO.

Without further ado, let’s understand the process of Speech Analytics in Call Center.

What is Speech Analytics in Call Center?

Speech Analytics as the name refers is an exercise to analyze a customer’s speech (voice) to gain some valuable insights. In layman language, we can define “Speech Analytics “ as :

The tool used to analyze customer’s voice recordings to gain useful information and meaningful insights.

In the Customer Service industry the importance of Speech Analytics becomes more signification as this industry is customer-centric hence to improve CSAT, analyzing a customer’s voice is very much required. With the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and other ML (Machine Learning ) methodologies, we can perform speech analytics in a given data that helps in identifying words and analyzing audit patterns to detect emotions in customer’s voices.

One important thing to note here is that sometimes Speech Analysis and Voice Analysis are used interchangeably but there is a subtle difference between Speech and Voice Analysis. While Speech Analysis Tool majorly focuses on the words/phrases used during the interaction, voice analytics concentrates on intonation i.e. rise and fall of customers of how words and phrases are spoken.

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Now that you have an idea about the Speech Analytics in Call Center. Let’s understand the benefits of Speech Analytics in Call Centers. Although there are various benefits, in this blog we will limit up to 4 major benefits of Speech Analytics in Call Center

1. Improve CSAT:

Speech Analytics is very useful in gathering insights on how to improve CSAT by analyzing the words or phrases used by the customer during the interaction with the customer service agent. If a customer is using negative sentiments, with the help of the speech analytics tool we can extract the negative sentiment and further work on how to convert the customer’s negative sentiment to a positive one resulting in improving CSAT.

2. Call Quality  :

Call quality is one of the most critical parameters in a call center. With the help of Speech Analytics a call center can also focus on call quality. By analyzing the words and phrases used by the customer during the interaction with the call center expert, the Quality team can make changes in scripts and verbiages according to the requirement, also if necessary all agents should be coached on how to deal with customer’s sentiments observed via Speech Analytics software.

3. Identifying BQM:

As mentioned above, speech analytics tools are primarily focused on analyzing the words, tone, and phrases used by a customer during interaction with a customer support agent. If a customer is continuously voicing negative words /sentiment during the conversation with a specific agent’s tone and interaction then this is an indication that the customer is not happy with the answers of the expert  and that specific expert needs more coaching on customer handling techniques.

” This way with the help of Speech Analytics, we can identify BQM in a process.”

How to improve BQM in Call Center

4. Reducing Costs:

One of the major benefits of a Speech analytics tool is to reduce the cost of a call center. As we are now aware the Speech Analytics tool can help agents to improve their skills by focusing on their improvement areas. If a call center agents are improved and equipped with the right skill set they can improve on other metrics like AHT, Resolution rate, First resolution time, etc. which collectively saves the cost of the operations.

” Cutting costs result in  a boost to the overall earnings  of a Call Center.”


Looking at the advantages mentioned above, it’s clear that Speech Analytics in Call Center can significantly change how call centers operate. By implementing Speech Analytics, businesses in call centers can better comprehend customer experiences and expectations. This opens up a previously unexplored world of insights, offering a deeper understanding of customer interactions. In essence, Speech Analytics has the potential to revolutionize call center operations, providing valuable information that was previously untapped.

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