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Role of AI in Call Center

In this competitive market ,every enterprise wants to be on the top of customer service. Hence most enterprises prefer to outsource their customer service segment to a dedicated call center. However, with the advancement of technology and introduction to Gen AI, Call Centers are also upgraded to AI technologies. Some of the major benefits of role of AI in to call center, are improving call center efficiency, high CSAT and streamline operations. So in this blog today we will delve deep in to the role of AI in Call Center. 


Role of AI in Call Center
  Role of AI in Call Center

But before exploring the role of AI in Call Center , let’s first understand  :

What is AI ?

AI is an abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence. As the name refers is like making machines smart and capable of doing tasks that need human intelligence. or in other simple words AI can be best described as :

“The science of making machine think like human do so that they can solve problems and take decesion on their own.”

“Artificial intelligence” this term was first used by Professor John McCarthy , who is also known as one of the founding fathers of AI.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently one of the most trending fields in technology hence every industry embraces it quickly. AI has been playing a crucial role in every industry’s growth at present.

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Before understanding the role of AI in Call Center, let’s understand the role of AI in other industries in common .

Role of AI in other industries :

Here are some common uses of AI in different sectors :

  • In Finance for Fraud detection , Credit Score Prediction ,
  • In Automobile industry for Autonomous Vehicle.
  • In Education filed for Self learning
  • In entertainment for Content creation and movie or content recommendation.

In addition to above there are other uses from different sectors.

Now let’s look in to some key Role of AI in Call Center.

Role of AI in Call Center :

Let’s look in to 5 key roles of AI in Call Center

1. Sentiment Analysis:

With the help of natural language processing (NLP) and AI (Artificial Intelligence)  techniques a call center can analyze the sentiments expressed by customers in text data, such as customer reviews, social media comments, survey responses, and more. The aim of customer sentiment analysis is to gain insights into how customers feel about a product, service or overall customer experience also is he is not satisfied with the product what feedback he has.

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In addition to sentiment analysis, AI can also perform some other important analysis such as speech analytics and verbatim.

2. 24/7 service:

With the help of AI powered chat bots a call center allows every customer to connect with them anytime around the clock, even when the call center manual agent is offline. These chatbots are very helpful in answering frequently asked general questions, which improves the call center metrics ,  reduce the workload of call center agents and call center cost.

Chat bot in Call Center
                                                   Chat bot in Call Center

AI uses the natural language processing (NLP) techniques in a chat bot to analyze the customer questions and answer them accordingly.

3. Predictive analysis:

AI can also perform predictive analysis in predicting the required manpower, customer needs and behavior based  on historical data, which allows a call center manual agent to be proactive in addressing issues also helps call center and brand in specific, to launch a product as per the customer needs.

4. Knowledge base articles:

One of the main use factors of AI in Call Center is to help agents quickly access relevant information by searching through vast databases of documents, manuals, and FAQs. This helps in ensuring that agents have the most up-to-date information, especially for new hire agents who need real time assistance for every customer’s query.

AI can also be helpful to prepare knowledge base articles on the basis of customer questions and answers.

5. Call Routing :

The other significant role of AI in Call Center is to assess the call purpose of a customer and further routing to the most appropriate agents based on the caller’s needs and agent availability, reducing wait times and improving efficiency.


In addition to the above 5 major use cases, there are various other uses of AI in Call Center that are listed below:

  • Quality and Training
  • Monitoring Agent’s performance
  • Multi Channel Support

Conclusion :

Post revweing the use cases mentioned above , the integration of AI in call center industry is a powerful way to enhance customer experience and to streamline operations. However, it’s important to maintain a positive balance between AI and human intelligence to ensure a human intelligence is considered when needed, especially in complex or emotionally sensitive situations because ultimately AI is a programming machine that have no control on sentiments.

FAQs on Role of AI in Call Center :

Q : How is AI used in call centers?
A :  As mentioned above use of AI in call center depend on the specific cases but commonly used for speech analysis, Sentiment analysis to asses customer sentiments.
Q : How will AI affect call center jobs?
A : Undoubtedly AI can handle more number of calls/chats and deliver more productivity with  99% accuracy but they may not be able to handle the chats or calls require human emotion , sympathy, and problem solving skills.

On this note, allow me to wrap up today’s article on ” Role of AI in Call Center” . I hope this blog has answered all your queries related to “Role of AI in Call Center.”

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