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Roles and Responsibilities of a Call Center Agent

A Call Center agent can be termed as a foundation brick of a call center and plays a pivotal role in a business’s success. Without a Call Center agent, a call center can’t provide immediate resolution and support that helps foster relationships between business and Customer. Call Center Agents are the frontline ambassadors, bridging the gap between businesses and their clients.


Responsibilities of Call Center Agent
Responsibilities of Call Center Agent

The role of a call center agent is not only to do only interactions with the customer but it extends beyond more conversation. in this blog today we will deep dive into the “Roles and responsibilities of a Call Center Agent and how a Call Center Agent plays a significant role in the customer service journey. Stay Tuned.

But before understanding the Roles and Responsibilities of a Call Center Agent, let’s first understand the definition of a Call Center agent.

What is a Call Center Agent?

In Call Center Industry, Call Center agents are also commonly known as Call Center Experts, Representatives, Advisors, Customer Service executives, associates, etc. Different call centers have different designations for Call Center agents. We can define the call Center agents by :

“A Call Center Agent is an Individual that resolves customer queries by handling incoming or outgoing calls for a Call Center.”

Now let’s discuss about 5 Common Roles and Responsibilities of Call Center agent :

Roles and Responsibilities of a Call Center Agent

As mentioned above, responsibilities of a call center is not limited to just attending calls but an idle call center agent has to do a lot more  . In this blog further we will review 5 major responsibilities of a Call Center agent. Let’s start :

1. Attending Calls/Chats :

The primary responsibility of a Call Center Agent is to handle inbound calls and chats from a customer. Every brand has a call center number for customers , in case they have any queries , feedback or they want resolution of an issue. The person who attends such calls is known as call center agent.

Now as days with the advancement of technology , a customer can connect with the call center agent by simply on chat or by whats app number.

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2. Outbound Sales :

One of the major responsibilities of a call center agent is to generate sales. Just for context, there are 2 types of channels by which a call center agent can interact with a customer and vice versa.

  1. Inbound
  2. Outbound

The latter one i.e. Outbound channel is mostly used to generate lead and make sales . So as a call center agent you also need to take care of the sales , upselling and cross selling as well.

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3. Collection and Retention :

A call center, beyond handling customer service for a brand also offers various other services to the clients. Collection and Retention are 2 of them. A call center agent if working in a telecom or banking sector must be responsible for collection of bill payment, EMIs , Loans etc.

Similarly if working for a retention process , must be responsible to retain old customers  by offering discount and offers.

4. Data Entry and Backend

With the advancement of business , call center industry is dynamic now. Hence a call center agent needs to proficient enough to  work as a voice agent expert as well as data enter specialist. In addition to customer service , other major responsibility of a call center agent is to work as a backend executive and maintain the confidential information of customers.

5.  Mentoring New joiners :

Whenever there is a new hire batch ,they need nesting ( buddy Up) to understand the product  and also to observe the activities performed by the tenure agents on the call or how to handle a customer’s query . So a Tenured call center agent is also responsible to be a mentor for new joiners.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, the responsibilities of a Call Center Agent is not only limited to handling calls/ chats but also generating leads, sales and perform activities to retain the customers. In a nutshell, the duty of a call center is to entirely dedicate himself towards  customer satisfaction, and understanding the customer.

As mentioned above call center agents are frontline ambassadors and face of a brand , the more delicately and dedicatedly one handles the case , it shows the dedication of brand towards it’s customer.

Now its’ time to pick some FAQs on “ Responsibilities of a Call Center Agent”

FAQs :

Q1 : What is the job responsibility of call center?

The primary job responsibility of call center agent is to handle and attend inbound and outbound calls/ chat of a customer, but as mentioned in the  blog above the responsibilities are  not just limited to handling and attending chats but also perform sales, backend and collection activities.

Q2 : What is the function of a call center?
The call center functions in 2 ways  Inbound and Outbound.
Q3 : Qualification of a Call Center Agent ?
To become a call center agent , below are 5 common qualifications :
  1. Intermediate passed out
  2. Good English communication skills
  3. Basic Typing Skills
  4. Knowledge of Computer
  5. Customer Centric Approach
I hope this blog on ” Roles and Responsibilities of a Call Center Agent” has answered all your queries. Still if you have doubts and suggestion feel free to comment below or write us at

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