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What is Upselling and Cross-Selling in Call Center

In our previous blogs, we have discussed the types of Call Centers. Just to give context, Call Centers or BPOs are primarily of 2 types:

  1. Inbound
  2. Outbound

Inbound Call Centers are designed to handle inbound calls/chats, especially for Customer Service.

Outbound Call Centers are designed to outcall a customer for business development, sales, collection, retention, etc.

In today’s blog, we will explore sales in Call centers and 2 crucial parts of sale: Upselling and Cross Selling in Call Center

Upselling and Cross Selling in Call Center
Upselling and Cross Selling in Call Center

Without further ado, let’s discuss the topic’ Upselling and Cross Selling in Call Center

Let’s first understand :

What is Sales in Call Center

Sales in Call Center
Sales in Call Center

The term “sales” in Call Center can be best defined as :

“The process where a call center agent, persuade potential customers to buy a brand’s product or services  over the phone or chat.”

Sales in call centers plays a pivotal role in business growth and success of an enterprise. Increasing sales of a brand can boost the revenue as well as enhance the customer network. Effective sales efforts ensure product or service promotion, contributing to the overall success of the organization.

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Now let’s understand ” Upselling and Cross Selling in Call Center 

Upselling and Cross Selling in Call Center

Although, both the words often used interchangeably, both offer distinct benefits and have subtle difference. Further in this blog we will deep dive in to both the parts and will understand the major differences.

1st understand “Upselling”:

1 UpSelling :

As the name refers “Up Selling” is basically :

“Selling customer a upgraded product in addition to the basic one” .

When an agent sells a primary product to the customer , than he smartly highlights the features or service of additional product  which is related to the primarily one and convince the customer to buy it as well to enhance the value of the primary product.

If the customer finds it goood and reasonable ,he buys but if he finds it expensive , agent offers promotion and coupons to convince the customer and finally sell it.

Let’s understand Upselling by an Example :

A customer went to a mobile store to buy a normal keypad phone , however sales convince him to buy a upgraded version of phone costlier than the keypad one, that’s Upselling.

Let’s look at some benefits of  Upselling in Call Center:

  1. Boost revenue of a brand.
  2. Enhance the value of primary product
  3. Increase customer satisfaction by offering tailored services
  4. Customer retention
  5. Attract more customers

Now let’s understand cross selling :

2.Cross Selling :

Cross Selling can be defined as :

“A sales tactic to offer an additional related product on top of the the primary product.”

Likewise cross selling also helps in generating revenue from a product by offering addition products.

We can simply understand it by the same mobile phone example.

If a customer visits the showroom to buy a mobile phone , sales person in addition to mobile phone also convince him to buy some auxiliary devices which will be useful to protect his phone like phone cover, screen guard etc. This technique of selling addition products along with the primary one is “Cross Selling “.

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Difference between Upselling and Cross Selling

Now let’s understand some differences between “Upselling” and “Cross Selling” with the help of table below:

Parameters Cross Selling Up Selling
Definition Sales technique to convince a customer to buy additional products, with the primary product Sales technique that encourages a customer to buy a higher price version of the primary product
Revenue Less Revenue High Revenue
Target Customers Miser customers Spendthrift Customers
Objective CSAT CSAT + High Revenue
Example Suggesting a mobile cover, airdopes or other auxiliary mobile products Suggest a higher price version of mobile of same company or with same features.

Now its’ time for some FAQs on “Upselling and Cross Selling in Call Center” 


  1. What is Up Selling and Cross Selling ?

Ans : Upselling is a process where customer  offered an higher price version of a product  while cross selling a technique in which  customers are encouraged to buy some add on products along with the basic one.

2. What is the difference between Up Selling and Cross Selling ?

Ans : There are 5 basic difference in upselling and cross selling . Please refer to the above table for reference .

3. What are some common strategies for Up Selling and Cross Selling ?

Ans :  There are 5 proven tips for upselling and cross selling  :

  1. To have a strong knowledge of product
  2. Customer centric approach
  3. Highlight the USP of product
  4. Focus on customer value rather than product price
  5. Convincing Skills


If you are in a customer service industry or a sales professional, mastering the art of upselling and cross-selling is vital. By following the strategies above a call center agent can perform upselling or cross selling techniques during customer interactions. This way call center agents not only enhance sales but also have a chances to earn incentives for themselves which results in high revenue to the brand and a decent commission to the agent.

I hope this blog on “Upselling and Cross Selling in Call Center” answers all your queries related to sales techniques. Still if you have any questions feel free to mail us at: callcentertalks26@gmail.com

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