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5 ways to improve customer satisfaction in Call Center

Happy and satisfied customers are the utmost priority of a company. Hence most of the companies have started outsourcing their customer service segment to the call centers to attain high customer satisfaction or CSAT. A Call center is a place that is designed to handle customer queries and resolve them to improve customer service for a brand.

Needless to mention, a happy customer is not only satisfied but also likely to come back and recommend the services to others.

In this blog today we will explore 5 proven tips to improve customer satisfaction in the call center.

improve customer satisfaction in Call Center
Improve customer satisfaction in Call Center

Before jumping into the tips let’s first understand ” What do we understand by Customer Service?

What is Customer Service?

Customer service plays a significant role in business growth. Undoubtedly, exceptional customer service is the key to every business’s success. Customer service can be best defined as :

Customer Service is the process of assisting customers in resolving their queries by understanding their concerns and needs.

In Call Center we guage the happiness of the customer  a customer satisfaction score also known as CSAT.

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Before exploring ways to improve CSAT , quickly understand how to Calculate CSAT:

How to Calculate CSAT?

After completion of the chat/call , call center agent sends survey to the customer and customer  rates the survey as per his experience with the agent and query resolution . Often customers receive a survey to rate their experience on a scale of 1 to 5 .

1- Very Satisfied, 2– Satisfied, 3 – Average, 4– Dissatisfied, 5– Very Dissatisfied .

Post receiving the survey rating from the customer , we can follow below steps to calculate the CSAT:

Step 1 : Sum of responses 4 and 5 ratings.
Step 2: Total Number of Survey sent
Step 3: Divide Step 1 to Step 2
Step 5: Multiply the result to 100 to convert the number into a percentage.

The formula for CSAT Calculation :

Sum of response ( 4 and 5)y/ Total Survey Sent *100

Now, let’s explore 5 Tips to Improve Customer Service in Call Center.

5 Ways to improve customer satisfaction in Call Center

Although there are various ways to improve Customer Satisfaction , but in this blog we will discuss 5 common yet impactful tips to improve customer satisfaction in Call Center.

1. Audit low ratings ( 4 & 5 ) interactions :

One of the best exercises to improve CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) is to audit 4 and 5 ratings survey chats or calls. By auditing such interactions we can identify the root cause of customer dissatisfaction ,whether its and agent error or customer was expecting which is beyond policy.

Auditing low rating interactions can also help in gaining insights on drivers and sub drivers of a call/chat , which can further help in arranging refresher of agents on specific call drivers.

2. Verbatim Analysis :

Verbatim Analysis is basically the analysis of customer’s verbatim i.e. feedback shared by the customer . With the help of Verbatim Analysis we can categorized  customer’s feedback in to various categories which can further help in preparing action plan to mitigating the customer’s negative experience and improving customer satisfaction.

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3. Sentiment Analysis :

One of the key analysis to improve NPS and CSAT in a call center  is to preform sentiment analysis on a chat/call interaction. This methodology is primarily to help in evaluating the sentiment of customer’s words by analyzing tone and voice modulation used by the customer during a chat interaction or a voice call.

Sentiment Analysis basically categorize customers sentiment (words) in to 3 categories -1 , 0 , +1  . Post successfully perfoming sentiment analysis we can gain insights on :

  • Root Cause of Customer dissatisfaction .
  • Intensity of the customer’s issue
  • Agent behavioral issues

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4. ACPT Analysis:

In Call Center, ACPT analysis plays a vital role in improving CSAT. ACPT stands for Agent , Customer , Process, Technology. As the name refers ACPT analysis is primarily perform on customer interactions to understand the root cause of customer dissatisfaction.

While performing ACPT analysis, we divide the divide the reason of customer dissatisfaction in to 4 components , whether it was an agent’s mistake or it was a customer who was not happy despite a complete resolution ,or due to some technical glitch the customer went dissatisfied or the agent was bound with process /policy due to which customer rated low to the chat.

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5. Identifying BQ Experts :

The 5th recommendation is agent behavior related , that means to identify agents who are repeated outliers in terms of CSAT metrics. There are some members in every team who do not perform even after coaching or training sessions and some are quite casual, in such a situation it is necessary to identify such agents and take action ( as per the performance policies) , so that they won’t hamper the entire process or the job of other performing agents.

In addition to the above tips , some other common tips perform by most of the call centers are :

  • Focus on Training and Coaching
  • Conducting refresher training on timely manner.
  • Conducting PKT to check the product knowledge
  • Work on Soft skills of the agents


Needless to say that the more we invest to improve customer service  the more our business will grow. Continuous improvement in feedback collections , service, action implementation leads to satisfied customers, positive word-of-mouth, and a thriving, customer-centric brand.”

I hope this blog on ” improve customer satisfaction in Call Center “ has answered all your queries related to improvement of CSAT in Call Center. Still if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to me at callcentertalks26@gmail.com

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