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Voice Of Customer in Call Center

Voice of Customer or VOC is quite a common term in the customer service industry. The primary key formula to succeed in a business is to understand the nerves of your customers. Industries with a customer-centric focus such as Telecom, E-Commerce, FMCG, and Healthcare heavily rely on the VOC to deliver high performance. Especially in the call Center industry which is driven by customer sentiment, assessing the Voice of Customer is a primary key to achieving higher customer satisfaction.


Voice of Customer in Call Center
Voice of Customer in Call Center


In this article, we will understand the VOC in deep and show you, how embracing VOC for your business or industry can transform your business.

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Without further ado, let’s start today’s blog ” Voice of Customer in Call Center”.

Voice of Customer in Call Center:

As the name refers the  “Voice of Customer” is a customer’s sentiment or feedback regarding the product usage or service offered. In general, we can define the Voice of Customer as :

The customer’s feedback that captures expectations and their actual experience regarding a product or service 

VOC plays a significant role in customer service industry . With the help of  VOC analysis, industry can gain valuable insights that helps in enabling informed decesion making and improvement in product or services.

How to analyze VOC

VOC Analysis
VOC Analysis


There are different methodologies by which we can analyze VOC  in Call Center. 3 common methodologies are explained below:

1. Verbatim Analysis : In this methodology we analyze Verbatim  (Comment) shared by the customer during the feedback survey sent to him. Verbatim Analysis not only helps to understand the real feedback of the product or service offered to a customer but also to gain insights to improve the product/service.

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2. Sentiment Analysis :This methodology is focused on analyzing the sentiment of the customer  that means analyzing the tone of the customer during the call or chat. Sentiment analysis helps in understanding customer’s emotion about the product, service or customer service representative.

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3.Speech Analytics :  In Speech analytics, customer’s voice recording is analyzed to gain meaningful insights. There are different tools which are helpful to perform Speech Analytics in every industry.

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Now let’s understand how embracing VOC can transform your business . Let’s look in to some key benefits of performing VOC Analysis in Call Center :

Benefits of VOC Analysis:

In Call Center , although there are many benefits of VOC analysis  but in this article we will focus  on 5 main benefits.

1. Improve Product and Service :

Analyzing VOC is similar to analyzing the customer’s feedback . When we analyze the feedback we understand  improvement areas . So one of the main advantages of VOC analysis is by performing this analysis a company can extract meaningful insights and further can work on the insights to improve product and services of the company.

2. Improve Call Center Metrics :

The other importance of VOC analysis is that it helps to improve Call Center metrics like CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), NPS (Net promotor Score) , CES (Customer Effort Score) etc. As mentioned above if a company improves product and services the measuring metrics of customers satisfaction like CSAT , NPS or CES will also be improved.

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3. Improve Call/Chat Quality:

Not only call center metrics but VOC analysis can also help you to improve the call quality. Customer can not only share the feedback with related to the product but also if customer is not liking the way a call center expert speaks, not happy with the chat/case handled or ever for some behavioral issues , customer  can also report the same in the survey feedback.

Customer’s feedback is very helpful to improve the call/chat quality by coaching the outliers agents.

4. Call Driver Pattern:

Analyzing VOC also helps in identifying the call/chat drivers for a specific period or day. Let’s suppose on a specific day customer centric metrics such as CSAT or NPS are trending significantly low as compared to other days ,than the first action performed by a call center is to audit the call recordings and focus on analyzing customer’s verbatim (VOC) .

If the results are similar, means every customer is taking about a specific product related issues such as product quality issue, order status, order not delivered etc., than this feedback should be shared with the client ( brand stakeholders).

5. Identifying outliers:

Lastly, VOC analysis can also help you in analyzing your agent’s performance. With the help of VOC analysis , you can figure out  agents who are  outliers in terms of delivering low CSAT and poor NPS metrics. If an agent is a repeat defaulter in terms of customer satisfaction and you can also identify this while performing sentiment analysis , than this  is the time to focus on improving outlier agent’s performance.


In conclusion the VOC analysis is very helpful for every enterprise or business ,especially for a new business VOC analysis can do miracles to transform your business in to success .In short, VOC analysis can help you to gain some meaningful insights on how to improve the call center metrics i.e CSAT or NPS, also with the help of VOC analysis a company can take decisive action on a new product launch or to take a call on business growth.


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